The economic beneficiaries of the Israel-Hamas war

The blood of the innocent Palestinian civilians lies in a complex global capitalist that systematically profits from war.

4h ago

An Israeli journalist’s perspective on Israel-Hamas war

The settlers in the West Bank are taking advantage of the fact that the world’s attention is on Gaza.

5h ago

Mass arrests of BNP activists quite alarming

It does not bode well for the future of democracy

19h ago


Israel: A US project gone rogue

This current exchange between the US and Israel is a compelling case of how the US has become a puppet state

Why buyers shouldn’t worry about Bangladesh’s unrest

International buyers can rest assured they can place orders here with confidence.

How potato prices are manipulated

Manipulation of potato prices is not new in Bangladesh.

In Focus

In Focus

The night of unspeakable horror: A survivor’s account

“Ding dong ding dong,” an irregular bell continued to resound within Dhaka Central Jail on a Monday at around 3 a.m. This unusual and disquieting disturbance echoed throughout various cells and wards, catching the incarcerated off guard.

150th Birth Anniversary of Sher-e-Bangla / Understanding the maverick politician, AK Fazlul Huq

Fazlul Huq is a largely forgotten politician in West Bengal. The apparent indifference towards Huq in West Bengal or India can be partly explained by the unfortunate vivisection of India in 1947.

SOULS: Through the eyes of its founder, Sazed Ul Alam

I returned to Chattogram from the Liberation War on December 20, 1971 with my nephew,

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

When will the government learn from past dengue outbreaks?

We even have our own experts repeatedly giving warnings ahead of the dengue season, and every year, they fall on deaf ears.

Install fire-escape facilities in every building

In high-rise buildings, there should be fire-proof steel staircases for evacuation.

Railway passengers need comfortable seating arrangement

Sadly, there are not enough seats for the passengers to sit and take rest on the platform.

Views Multimedia

Views Multimedia

Tackling the causes behind fire incidents

Dr Syeda Sultana Razia speaks to The Daily Star Opinion regarding the causes behind frequent fires and some possible solutions. 

Our reality versus government's narrative

Why is there so much difference between the reality of common people and that which the government wants to see or project?

Poor policy and market management have caused price hikes

Why is the government failing to manage the market as they should?

Sued under DSA, woman dies in Rab custody

According to family members, Rab said the 38-year-old Sultana Jasmine suffered a stroke in their custody, but her relatives insisted that she had no medical issues

Have we been able to establish a state different from Pakistan?

Through the Liberation War of 1971, the people of this region wanted to establish a state that would not be built in the model of Pakistan. Fifty-two years later, can we say we have achieved that goal?

Messi's 8th Ballon d'Or: Deserving or debatable?

Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes, and Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d’Or. But perhaps this time, it could have been Erling Haaland.

4d ago

All about fair and unfair elections

The current political uncertainties work out, the road to a fair election appears neither certain nor easy.

4d ago

How sign language can bring about change

Disabilities should not leave a person disadvantaged.

4d ago

Column by Mahfuz Anam: 30 years of leading The Daily Star

However bright our past may be, there is an urgent need to further strengthen public confidence in journalism.

4d ago

Why the government can’t control commodity prices

For any major crop, there are local and national profiteers, who make plans to maximise profits way before the crops land in the markets.

4d ago

Why must journalists put their lives on the line?

Crimes against journalists do not happen in a vacuum.

5d ago

Can bureaucrats be neutral in a win-or-lose-all battle?

Let me put it another way: is a fair election possible even if Awami League “allows” it?

5d ago

Decline in unemployment: Let’s pause before we celebrate

A rise in inflation will have a negative impact on the unemployment rate

5d ago

Will our RMG workers get an acceptable living wage?

The reaction of the owners to the workers' legitimate demand, however, has been totally unacceptable.

5d ago

The suffocating occupation of Palestine is now a series of war crimes

The civilian deaths in Gaza, already outrageously high due to the uncontrolled bombing by Israel, will be unimaginable during this ground war that began on October 27.

6d ago