Louis Vuitton unveils ‘Sandwich Bag:’ Yours for just Tk 3 lakh!

Popular singer and Louis Vuitton’s newly appointed creative director for men’s fashions, Pharrell Williams has unveiled an innovative addition. This accessory, a luxurious version of a classic paper sandwich bag, comes with a hefty price tag of over $3,000 or over Tk 3 lakh!

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New civil aviation minister eyes improving passenger services

Newly appointed minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Muhammad Faruk Khan today said further improvement of the quality of passenger services in Biman Bangladesh flights will be one of his main tasks

Taste Asia on a budget: 5 best street food destinations

Food is an essential part of any tourist’s dream trip. So, what’s better than getting delectable meals at an affordable price? Here are 5 cities to savour Asia’s mouth-watering street foods at the most reasonable rates!

Wanderlust meets Hollywood: 7 real-life movie locations you should visit

Movie locations and film sets frequently feature breath-taking architecture and scenery. At times, it feels like these places are out of our reach and merely Hollywood constructions. However, there are some places you can visit that were featured in some of your favourite movies/series.

Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes

Mastering food presentation: A guide to styling your dishes

So, you worked for hours to make food that you or your loved ones will enjoy. While food presentation is often a last thought, it excites the senses of those eating it. Read on to learn how to plate your tasty foods like a pro with just a few easy tips!

Boost your mood naturally: Foods that make you happy

Popularly known as the happy hormone, dopamine enhances feelings of well-being and pleasure. Although it has been widely acknowledged that indulging oneself or engaging in various activities can trigger a surge of dopamine, scientific findings reveal that certain food items can elicit a similar response!

Rangamati's culinary canvas: Where simplicity meets sophistication

In Rangamati, the culinary approach takes a gentle detour from Dhaka's romance with robust spices. Here, the kitchen's philosophy is about understatement – where freshly sourced ingredients' natural flavours are spotlighted. It's a refreshing departure from the spice-intense culinary narrative that Dhaka so proudly narrates.

Ramen: Ultimate comfort food in a bowl

The little joys of winter include chilly nights, cosying up in a blanket and slurping away one of our favourite comfort foods — ramen. It is an immensely versatile dish and can be cooked in so many different ways: try it with vegetables, try it with an abundance of protein, and the options for broth are endless. Here are some ramen recipes for you to try and complement the weather that has settled in.

Foodie revolution: Men making waves in the kitchen—Here's why

The field of culinary arts in recent years has undergone a paradigm shift. There has been a huge surge of men interested in the culinary arts, showing once and for all that the kitchen is for everyone. We wanted to take a second to explore crucial elements that have caused this movement.

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Is coffee good for health? Nutritionist Chowdhury Tasneem Hasin explains

After speaking to Chowdhury Tasneem Hasin, the Chief Clinical Dietician and Head of the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at United Hospital, who also serves as an advisor to the Bangladesh Food and Nutrition Association, we found out the myriad ways coffee affects our body and health.

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5 expert-approved daily habits to relieve back pain

In this fast-paced world, where our lives are ruled by desk jobs and the blue screens of computers seem to have become our best friend – back pain is not an uncommon ailment. Fortunately, certain daily habits can greatly relieve this discomfort. Here, we have highlighted 5 daily habits for a stronger and healthier back.

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From passion to purpose: Rawan Ahmed Choudhury's journey in bodybuilding

Rawan Ahmed Choudhury stood as Bangladesh’s sole representative at the PCA Thailand First Timer’s Show.

Want healthy skin? Consider eating these special foods

Nowadays, more and more research on the relationship between food and health is pointing to the fact that one's dietary choices have a major impact on skin health as they age. If you want to get a glowing skin, the following foods can help!

Where do women fit in during Movember and in men’s health conversations

The month of November has a multitude of movements that are observed and celebrated, be that those movements are officially recognised or ones that we observe unofficially. One of these movements, and perhaps one of the most significant, is ‘Movember’. The entire month of November is recognised as ‘Movember’ and dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health.

Why journaling matters

The act of journaling is not merely putting pen to paper; it’s a gateway to self-discovery, a path to healing, and a way to navigate the bustling world with clarity and purpose. Journaling inspires creativity as a writer and a sense of self-acceptance, as one begins to see events and emotions from a different perspective. It also helps us rewrite our own narrative, once, twice, weekly, daily, until we find a story that empowers us; a story of learning and healing and growth.

The power of Ayurveda: Fortify your immunity with natural remedies

It’s not enough to rely on pharmaceuticals to save us when we are sick. We need to make our constitutions strong through yoga and herbal supplements that have been known to help humans for centuries.

Why sleep isn’t the only 'shut-eye' men need

Yes, even if you snooze there (or in your comfy bed), you might still wake up feeling like you just wrestled a hawker to save just Tk 20. Why? Because, surprise, sleep and rest are as different as biriyani and polao — similar, but not quite the same.

Life & Living Multimedia

Life & Living Multimedia

My Dhaka / Comrade, give me a cup!

Yet, the tiny, yellow-walled tea stall attracts customers like bees to flowers.  “Comrade, give me a cup,” is how they ask for tea.

The colourful cauliflowers of Bangladesh

Instead of the regular old white cauliflowers - you can now have cauliflowers that are red, yellow, pink, or purple.

Shankha Dasgupta: Meet the genius behind Guti

Shankha Dasgupta is the genius behind Guti, and anyone who has followed his work over the years knows precisely how exceptional he is. The much-anticipated show, Guti, came out on Chorki in January, leaving the viewers binging.

Despite charging fees, needs of passengers neglected

<p>Terminal fees are being imposed on passengers travelling to India. However, there are currently no provisions for the use of restrooms at the Benapole International Passenger Terminal. </p><p>Find out more in today's Star Newsbytes</p>

#Perspective / Wasfia Nazreen: Don’t let ageism break your spirit

The mere fact that Wasfia Nazreen, even with her extraordinary achievements and so many accolades to her name, has to face these needless validations should not come as a surprise to the world, because the reality is that ‘below average mentality’ strikes everywhere, is highly deep-rooted, and pays zero respect to any type of accomplishment.

Winter photography tips for all you shutterbugs

Winter isn't just about ice cold waters and late wakeups; it's more about foggy mornings and the perfect excuse to wear that stylish sweater you bought on sale. So, how do you capture the essence of Dhaka's winter on your smartphone?

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Reviving the art of clay and wood jewellery: Belal Hossain's inspiring journey

Clay and wood jewellery are such jewels, which are imbued with the rich history and cultural heritage of our country. The beauty of these jewellery pieces lies in their simplicity, earthiness, and the traditional craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece. Belal Hossain, an artisan of exceptional skill and passion, has been making clay and wood jewellery since 1984.

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In a world that glorifies Kabir Singh, choose Hardy Singh

Back when women’s rights were not as widely recognised in society, actors such as Amitabh Bachchan built entire careers out of toxic masculinity (read: The Angry Young Man persona). Bollywood’s scriptwriters wrote hero-centric movies that rarely gave heroines much by way of character development. Women either existed as obedient wives, submissive lovers, or chaste mothers.

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Why mentorship is more than just a nice idea

In our technologically advanced, fast-paced society, it appears that the age-old mentorship tradition — in which, more experienced individuals guide younger ones — is a little lost in the mix. Imagine attempting to solve the great mysteries of life without someone to consult for guidance. Have we lost sight of the importance of advice from those who have been around the block a little bit longer than us in our rush to be ultra-modern?

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A budget guide to a picturesque living room for newlyweds

It’s a dream for newlyweds to build a living room that represents their affection. We are here to provide a budget-friendly guide for newly married couples on how they can select suitable décor options to create a picture-perfect living room.

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Mastering the art of handwashing: A step-by-step guide for adults and children

In the fast-paced world we live in, one simple but important habit is often overlooked — handwashing. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that proper hand hygiene is a cornerstone in maintaining good health, preventing the spread of infections, and fostering a clean and vibrant lifestyle.

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New Year, new financial habits: A guide to money management in 2024

Explore actionable strategies for effective money management, empowering you to achieve financial goals. From budgeting insights to investment tips, this comprehensive guide navigates the financial landscape, helping you make informed decisions and embrace positive fiscal habits. Kickstart the year with confidence, taking control of your finances and setting the stage for long-term success.

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How long after a breakup should you date again?

Well, two main ideas guide dating after a breakup. One believes that it is toxic to date immediately after a breakup. Another idea is that finding someone else is the best way to get over someone, and even a rebound might be good. But which one is correct? Is there an ideal time to wait before dating after a breakup?

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5 questions with astrologer and tarot reader Namira Hossain

For Namira, the turning point came in 2020, when newly embraced motherhood and the introspective pause brought by the pandemic led her to a realisation: tarot card reading.

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Laughing through life's challenges: Sami Doha's journey from telecom to comedy

It is not easy to make people laugh. In a stand-up comedy show — where the stage is a battleground and laughter is the grand prize — Sami Doha does a pretty good job bringing smiles to the faces of the audience.

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Dhaka Kitsch: Where fashion meets the chaos of Dhaka

Welcome to the vibrant world of Dhaka Kitsch. This brainchild of renowned artist, Kuhu Plamondon and designer, Chondona Dewan, is a celebration of Dhaka's spirit. The infusion of pop art, movie posters, and rickshaw art onto everyday clothing items like t-shirts, scarves, bags, purses, and umbrellas transforms mundane essentials into artistic masterpieces.

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The wall of joy: Morshed Mishu's toy-filled mission

While walking along the streets you may come across the Manobotar Deyal, translated as Wall of Humanity, where people can hang clothes or other essentials. Similarly, cartoonist Morshed Mishu has built a unique display of kindness — a wall adorned not with ordinary embellishments, but with toys. The wall was set up on 25 December at Ibrahimpur in Mirpur-14.

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Winter photography tips for all you shutterbugs

Winter isn't just about ice cold waters and late wakeups; it's more about foggy mornings and the perfect excuse to wear that stylish sweater you bought on sale. So, how do you capture the essence of Dhaka's winter on your smartphone? Let's dive into the frosty (well, sort of) world of winter photography, smartphone-style!

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Unexpected life lessons you can learn from wilderness survival

If you are the average Dhakaite, there is a very high chance that you have swam in a swimming pool on numerous occasions, but never in a pond or any other naturally occurring waterbody. You also probably do not know how to start a fire without a matchstick or tell the direction without a compass!

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Setting a culinary stage: Your guide to the perfect table setup

Cooking food is an art and your table setup completes the tapestry. We all agree that a good presentation and setup inadvertently amps up our appetite and eventually the taste of food. Setting up your table requires some basic presentation skills and your creative flair in action, and once you get the right balance of both, it becomes a treat for your playful imagination.

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Friendship knows no time: Dhaka's heart-warming hospitality

Dhaka means the world to me. Most of my professional life has been here and a large chunk of my personal life is intrinsically linked with Dhaka. I am never tired of the city. Yes, there are obstacles. Yes, there are resource shortages. Yes, there are insane traffic snarls. But there is one thing which is never in short supply — great people!

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Mousumi Hamid's wedding wardrobe: A tale of red Benarasi and minimalism

The beautiful red Benarasi khadi sariis distinguished by its katan border embroidered withZardosi work. However, the sari's main section has been intentionally left without elaborate designs or embroidery, aligning with Mousumi's desire for simplicity. 

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Bangladeshi descent Mohammad Aminul Islam awarded the Medal of Good Citizenship in Canada

Recently, the Canadian province of British Columbia has honoured 21 individuals with the Medal of Good Citizenship for their outstanding contributions to community life. Among these distinguished recipients is Mohammad Aminul Islam, a Surrey resident of Bangladeshi descent, whose commitment to promoting mother languages and fostering community spirit has been recognised and celebrated.

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Golden Globe Awards 2024: Who wore what!

Awards season is upon us and we are here for it! Golden Globe is the first big event of the year, with its plethora of stars, glitz and glam galore! Celebrities graced the event with their scintillating presence, delivering some truly fashionable moments. The stars showed up in fantastic outfits, setting the red carpet on fire after months and also providing cues for all things trendy for 2024!

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Winter photography tips for all you shutterbugs

Winter isn't just about ice cold waters and late wakeups; it's more about foggy mornings and the perfect excuse to wear that stylish sweater you bought on sale. So, how do you capture the essence of Dhaka's winter on your smartphone?

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