‘Border Crossings’ hopes to reconcile diasporic identities

Syed Afzal Hasan Uddin says of first generation immigrants that they—who are already grappling with the duality of their multifaceted identities—were not seen as being Bengali enough by their parents.

Panihar Public Library: A heritage in ruins

A library containing more than 7702 periodicals, encyclopedias and books on literature, religion, poetry, science and economics—all wasting away from neglect.

Experiencing architecture around us

Architecture exists all around us, effecting our daily lives.

What students can expect from a major in Architecture

Architecture is a lot more than just drawing buildings and designing interiors.

Hajong experience in Ruposhree’s artwork

Ruposhree Hajong, a student of the Fine Arts Department of Jahangirnagar University, highlights the history, culture, and crisis of the indigenous Hajongs in her artwork. On her own initiative, she is highlighting the stories of the Hajongs through colour and cotton.

Local publishers, sales, and the 2023 Dhaka Lit Fest

This year a ticketing system was imposed. As such, sales were lower than expected.

Three literary walks: Nilanjana Roy, Shehan Karunatilaka, Daisy Rockwell

With a Books page you're creating a running history of the ideas and the parallel history or the imagination of a country.

Can we justify censorship in culture?

The panel spoke broadly about censorship, #MeToo movement, mob mentality, cancel culture, JK Rowling, and social media echo chambers.