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#Perspective / Meet the achar artisan of Dhaka: Mohammad Siraj's culinary journey

If you are an urban explorer of Dhaka, the achar carts — found in different alleys and gullies of the city — would not be something surprising for you. However, if you haven’t been to Gulshan 1 DNCC Market yet, unfortunately, you have missed a vibrant emissary of tradition and taste, thanks to the variety of achar he sells.

16m ago

Soupy Korean Kimchi Noodles: A fusion delight

Imagine a bowl of those perfectly spicy, raving with the flavour of Kimchi, garnished with your favourite treats. Ready to make this lip-smacking bowl? Come on, let's cook!

23m ago

Achar chronicles: From sun-drenched rooftops to digital marketplaces

For different people, the word achar — the South Asian term for pickles — evokes different memories. Some revel in the memory of seeing their mothers or grandmothers sitting in the courtyards with jars of achar.

1h ago

Eid recipes all around the world

If you are looking beyond polao and korma for the Eid-day luncheon, the following recipes will serve as blessings. Curated especially for you, the recipes come from diverse sources — from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. So, let the flavours go soft on your palate as we present these recipes from around the world.

1h ago

Fruitful delights: Easy-to-make recipes to round out your meals

Dive into a culinary journey that’s as refreshing as a dip into a cold pool on a hot day with these delectable recipes that promise to beat the heat. Whether you’re looking to impress guests at your Eid get-together or just indulge in some homemade comfort, these recipes are your ticket to a deliciously authentic experience.

10h ago

Why we love red and white sarees on Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh is characterised by vibrant festivities and mouth-watering dishes. For Bengali women, the essence of this day lies in their red and white sarees — an emblem of their unwavering love for tradition through the ages.

10h ago

#Perspective / Fading traditions, rising innovations: The story of Bangladesh’s rural kitchens

From traditional setups to ones full of modern amenities, the evolution of the rural kitchen in Bangladesh reveals an interesting narrative.

10h ago

#Perspective / The salon visits before Eid: A hilariously tragic tale

Although this tends to happen in almost every salon visit, the festive season brings out the best of their rather unconventional selling methods.

21h ago

#Perspective / Eid as an excuse to reconnect?

Whether it’s a friend or a family member, why not use Eid as an excuse to catch up? Let bygones be bygones and move forward with a fresh start.

5 budget-friendly summer vacation destinations in Asia

With its rich culture, breath-taking landscapes, and fascinating historical sites Asia has countless destinations fit for a summer vacation. So, put your travel plans in motion and get ready for an incredible summer in Asia!

Eid fashion reimagined with nath and tikli styling tips

Originating from South Asian cultures, the nath and the tikli hold deep cultural significance. While traditionally worn as bridal jewellery, many are now adopting these intricate head and nose ornaments in less formal settings. Explore the art of styling these timeless pieces and learn how to seamlessly integrate them into your Eid ensemble this year.

Woven with love: Choosing deshi and sustainable this Eid

As we gear up for the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr, there’s this beautiful buzz in the air filled with anticipation and a spirit of giving. We can — with the intention of not just looking good but doing good — support our local artisans. By buying deshi and adopting ethical practices that promote sustainability, we can not only benefit our immediate community but also contribute to the broader well-being of our country.

4d ago

Experiencing fatigue and headaches after iftar? Dr Maisha Nishat Alam explains why

Ramadan — a month that calls for fasting from dawn till dusk — which, while fulfilling, can sometimes leave you feeling like you're running on empty, fatigued, and nursing a stubborn headache. Ever wondered why?

5d ago

Bangladeshi female artists celebrate everyday heroines with inspiring mural

Located in Studio 6/6 in Mohammadpur, the mural project engaged an all-woman team and leadership, supported by male allies, to create a symbol of empowerment and solidarity.

5d ago

Dress to impress: How to personalise your panjabi for the perfect Eid flair

The holy month of Ramadan is nearly over, and you know what that means — Eid-ul-Fitr and all the things we do that make it memorable: good food, and plenty of invitations and outings. This is the time to put on our best dresses and showcase our style.

6d ago

From sarees to Boho: Taking up sartorial challenges this Pahela Baishakh

While there is hardly anything as symbolic as hues of red and white for Pahela Baishakh, this year we are excited for something new, something different!

6d ago

Your Eid with a deshi twist

That blind obsession with the sartorial choices of Bollywood actresses and celebrities is a thing of the past; we have, at long last, come into our own.

6d ago

Celebrate the beauty of Eid with Sundora  

As Eid approaches, Sundora is gearing up to make your celebrations even more beautiful.  

1w ago

Sailor’s Eid-ul-Fitr Collections

Eid denotes happiness, joy and pleasure. To celebrate this joyful festival, everyone takes part in parties, meetup programs, and chats with friends, relatives, office colleagues, and various social groups. Sailor Eid Ethnic Serene, Sailor Eid Festive Spotlight, and Sailor Eid Smart Wear Collection were created to make you the talk of the town in these events.

1w ago

The charm of deshi motifs on Eid tableware

Central to the celebration of Eid is the scrumptious spread of food and it is that time of the year when the choice of tableware plays a subtle yet significant role. Desi motifs and designs ¬– nakshi kantha, Jamdani – with their intricate patterns and vivid hues, tell tales of heritage and craftsmanship have evolved over centuries.

1w ago

Usual suspects and the debatable: What are your favourite iftar items?

The dining table during iftar is often crowded with delicacies of all sorts. The assortment includes traditional iftar items and not-so-traditional items which may even border on eccentricity that leaves others questioning about your taste (and sanity). Call it "iftar cuisine" if you like, as an iftar spread is a whole different genre of food altogether!

1w ago
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