Amid inflation, pre-elections, and dengue, Bangladesh is in a fix

All this means that the people will not see an end to their financial woes anytime soon.

Education endowment funds for a knowledge-based society

Education endowment funds can help universities avoid income volatility and run smoothly, especially in developing countries

World Day against Trafficking in Persons / Ensuring a dignified life for trafficking survivors

The journey to combat human trafficking is far from behind us, but we can bring about lasting change with collective dedication and collaboration

Why Bangladeshi universities do poorly in global rankings

The practice of politicisation poses a significant threat to the overall quality of education in universities.

2d ago

AL to stage demo across country tomorrow

Protesting the "violence" unleashed by BNP, ruling Awami League and its all front and associate bodies will stage demonstration across the country tomorrow

2d ago

Nanoplastics are entering our bodies

Urban regions are especially full of what scientists believe is one of the most hazardous particulate pollution varieties

2d ago

Serving a party is against the oath of BPSC

Naming Prof Delwar Hossain, a member of BPSC, as a member of an AL sub-committee has stoked quite a controversy.

3d ago

How hot is too hot for the human body?

Why did so many people die in India this summer where the temperature was eight degrees less than that at Death Valley in the US?

3d ago

Banana fibre pads could vastly improve coastal women's reproductive health

In rural Bangladesh, menstrual hygiene management is still a highly tabooed matter

4d ago

Words of a fed-up Rohingya refugee

Due to our isolation from our motherland for more than five years, we are gradually losing touch with our cultural practices that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

4d ago

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Vienna Convention and the relationship with our development partners

When does the demand for a democratic election become an interference in our internal affairs, and when is it a reinforcement of the policy declared by the head of the government?

4d ago

The old political playbook needs a major upgrade

One would be wise to throw away the old playbook and get tips from democracies that provide leaders with the greatest power of all: the true mandate of the people

4d ago

Combatting colourism in Bangladesh

Colourism persists under the shadow of racism, delicately infiltrating society. Racism and colourism, while interconnected, are not identical.

5d ago