How should our engineering education evolve?

Over the years, engineering programmes in Bangladeshi universities have stagnated, still clinging to a 20th-century structure.

3d ago

Will merger help solve the weaker banks’ problems?

Merger takes place when two or more companies combine together to strengthen capital base and asset size.

4d ago

A quiet violence in Bangladesh’s chars

There are plentiful cases of land-grabbing and violence for control over new char or khas land in the country.

4d ago

Pakistan Elections: Almost a century, with no bat

It has been clear since the arrest and jailing of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan that the “reset to 2016” has been initiated.

4d ago

Bangladesh's SDG performance: A changed approach can help us get ahead

Despite moderate performance in several SDGs, Bangladesh faces major challenges in actually achieving them.

5d ago

Geof Wood: 'I feel my identity is tied up with Bengal'

Geof Wood talks to Sushmita S Preetha of The Daily Star about his latest book, in which he explores the dilemmas of being an academic immersed in the processes of development and the intersection between policymaking and activism.

5d ago

Pakistan election outcome: A bridge to nowhere

What will happen to this nuclear state of nearly 250 million people remains unknown.

5d ago

How female-friendly are our office restrooms?

Separate restrooms for women are still not the norm in many workplaces in Bangladesh

5d ago

How do you teach Gen Z?

What is required is a complete overhaul of higher education to meet the expectations of this new generation of students.

5d ago

Of place and places: Perspectives, positions, and propositions

To speak of place is to speak of the topical, the toponymical, and the topographical.

6d ago
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