Quota should exist for the marginalised only

Many jobs remain inaccessible to many individuals because of the quota system.

The show trial of Arundhati Roy

Roy’s case risks showcasing all the most unattractive features of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

French elections / Vive la Revolution… again?

In what is looking like the most shocking election result so far this year, the French left-wing alliance New Popular Front (NPF) emerged victorious.

French elections: Leftist surge leaves media 'shocked'

The normalisation of the far-right happened across the mainstream media, not just by outlets owned by conservative Bolloré

2d ago

Can we trust PSC with the recruitment of best young minds?

Recent revelations of corruption within the PSC threaten to destroy the trust that generations have placed in this institution.

2d ago

Rememebering an educationist, artist, and socialite from the yester generation

Asma Abbasi was a personality who epitomised values and a lifestyle that were modern and progressive enough to dwarf many of us from later generations.

2d ago

Collective action can save us from a dystopian future

Twelve scholars, social entrepreneurs and advocates write about the IPSP’s new push to put social progress in the global centre stage.

2d ago

How a flawed data ecosystem can distort economic reality

The mismatch of export data raises a fundamental question about the precision of economic reporting and its ramifications for Bangladesh's economy.

2d ago

Where’s the noose for 'murder caused by negligence'?

Many of us walked past those restaurant corridors on Bailey Road without fire safety measures.

3d ago

From lecture halls to the streets: Universities submerged in dual protests

The monsoon rains lash against the paved streets of Dhaka University, but the downpour does little to dampen the fiery spirits on campus.

3d ago

Beware of subscription services promising the moon

Companies shouldn’t make their existing services worse to push a subscription model that promises to fix these issues.

3d ago

Bangladesh’s way forward to biodiversity conservation

Bangladesh needs to contextualise the global Biodiversity Plan to take it forward over the next decade or so.

3d ago

Decisions about teachers made without consulting them

The scheme is not 'universal' as it does not encompass government officials.

3d ago
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