My Dhaka

My Dhaka

My Dhaka / Why are biriyani pots covered in red cloth?

Whenever you visit or just walk past any roadside eatery, you often see large deghs or pots covered in a red cloth. You know that those pots hold biriyani, polau, or the like but do you know why all these deghs or dekchis are always wrapped in red?

32m ago

Dhaka’s handicrafts now in global market

Tucked inside Baitul Aman Housing Society at Adabor is the factory outlet of “Hand Touch” -- a handicrafts venture with a focus on recycling and catering to a niche market of hand-woven textiles in Bangladesh and abroad.

5d ago

My Dhaka / A walk from TSC to Boi Mela

On any other day, a 10-minute walk from the TSC to Bangla Academy may seem mundane.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Farewell to the old, welcome the new

I never knew dismantling a house, a store, a restaurant, and a bag full of memories could be an exuberant experience, until I came across a post on social media related to the beautiful crafts store, Jatra, in Banani

1w ago

Dhanmondi's unimaginable past

History, however, is hard to erase. The name itself, historians have argued, is reminiscent of olden times. Many believe Dhanmondi may have a paddy connection — "dhan".

1w ago

My Dhaka / Tiger Nazir and his ‘potchitro’

A popular figure in Dhaka’s art circuits, Nazir Hossain, better known as Tiger Nazir, is a self-taught scroll painter or “potua”. Seen at almost all fairs and folk exhibitions in the city, he flaunts a patriotic, green-and-red bandana with brushes stuck in his unkempt hair.

2w ago

My Dhaka / Walking on streets of Dhaka

During a stroll through the bustling streets of Dhaka, one would be enveloped in a whirlwind of sights, sounds, and sensations -- there’s a unique energy here, a vibrant pulse that beats to the rhythm of everyday life, singular to Dhaka.

2w ago

Old Dhaka's Ruplal House and its Armenian connection

The mansion was once the home of the affluent and influential merchant Ruplal Das and his family, and hence the stories of their wealth and opulence spin around Ruplal House even today.

2w ago

Dhaka Makers 2: A celebration of youthful zeal

The lively event catered to the growing demand for locally crafted art and craft products.

3w ago

Dhanmondi Lake: A welcoming oasis for city residents

Dhaka can be full of chaos. With all the noise pollution, traffic congestion, and overcrowding, there still exist a few places where you can find respite from all that and just get lost in the serenity and Dhanmondi Lake is one of them.

3w ago

Dhaka Gate the city’s new splendour

I have crossed the Dhaka University campus and its adjoining areas like Shishu Academy, the Centre for Renewable Energy Research,

3w ago

Why was Bahadur Shah Park locally called Anta Ghar er Maidan?

Why, though? How did this odd name come about?

3w ago

Where did the word ‘nihari’ come from?

The stew is a wholesome meal that combines the best in a bowl – a warm soup, spices, meat and bone marrow make up for an amazing comfort food, especially during winter.

The shift from brick-and-mortar to web stores

The popularity of online shopping is not new. We are constantly browsing our social media handles and getting hooked to sponsored pages.

Dhaka Gate: Old monument, new life

This old image portraying Dhaka Gate has a rustic vibe — with the grass and pathway and the elephants.

Protest Through Art: A Dhaka fashion designer for Palestine

Art as a form of activism can at times stand against oppression and discrimination. It has always been a medium of expression for struggles that personally or socially affect the artist. In recent times, fashion activism has come to the fore in Dhaka.

Unraveling stories behind an iconic footpath

The long strip of pavement from Tin Netar Mazar near Doyel Chattar to the High Court Mazar, by the east gate of the old court premises, has always been a hotspot.

Is Dhakaiya food worth the hype?

The city of Dhaka has a rich history of delectable food that often dates back centuries.

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