Geopolitical Insights

Geopolitical Insights

The future of India-Maldives relations

The Maldives cannot afford to overlook India entirely.

1d ago

‘The US and West must stop their misadventures in the Middle East’

Arab Parliament President Adel Al Asoomi in an exclusive interview with The Daily Star.

1d ago

Top 10 Economies to watch in 2024

China is too big to stay weak too long.

6d ago

In the eyes of the world, Israel has lost

Bangladesh’s decision to file a declaration of intervention has a distinctive characteristic.

6d ago

‘A setback for US-Bangladesh relations’

The Awami League has been playing this game for a long time now.

1w ago

What’s next for US policy in Bangladesh?

South Asia Institute Director Michael Kugelman offers his insights

1w ago

The implications for China, the West and India

Powerful countries, far and near, have shown active interest in Bangladesh’s election and have been polarised in a rather peculiar fashion

2w ago

Bangladesh in geopolitics: Post-election challenges

Bangladesh has to maintain a balanced relationship with all five major centres from a trade point of view.

2w ago

The Great Game will continue

The absence of democratic behaviour is no longer hidden under the carpet.

2w ago

The plight of the Sudanese deserves our attention

Sudan needs assistance from the international community—and it needs it very quickly.

3w ago

The world wrapped in 2023

The biggest victim of this consequential year: democracy, and humanity.

4w ago

Christmas in Occupied Palestine: ‘Dreams buried under rubbles’

Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem discusses the cruel reality in occupied Palestine during Christmas with Ramisa Rob of The Daily Star.

4w ago

Venezuela's invasion of Guyana: Maduro’s Hail Mary

Why, after all this time, is Maduro taking such a big gamble now?

Modern 'Roads to Rome': From BRI and IMEC to Israel

India’s bridgehead Mideast role could also inflame future global relations.

What Russian warships in Chattogram port tells us about great power competition in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become a prime battleground for great power competition.

Bangladesh-India relations: An increasingly complicated friendship

Both Bangladeshis and Indians need to understand that they need each other in order to thrive.

How will the Pannun 'murder plot' affect India-US relations?

The Biden administration appears to be isolating the murder plot.

An open letter to the UNSC from Doctors Without Borders

A firsthand account of the crisis in Gaza, with an urgent plea to end Israeli siege and attacks

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