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Life & Living

Summer chic: The essential summer jacket guide

Jackets for summer? What an oxymoron that is! In our part of the world where summer is sweltering hot, why on earth would one need jackets, one would ask. The jackets we are suggesting are not the heavy, woollen ones meant for colder climates. Rather, easy, breezy and beautiful — summer jackets are an absolute staple for your wardrobe and beyond!

14h ago

#Fiction / Dhaka 2084: Interview of a Time Traveller

The sudden appearance — and the equally sudden disappearance — of a middle-aged woman named Eli Kaizer, who claimed to be a time traveller, has caught the attention of not only our city, but the entire world.

14h ago

Embrace the vibrant vibes of Falgun fashion

It's time to update our wardrobe with joyful colours and cosy fabrics as the winter chill gradually gives way to the warm spring breeze. The arrival of spring is marked by an abundance of colour and a feeling of rejuvenation. And what better way to honour Falgun fashion than to embrace this season of blossoming beauty!

14h ago

#Perspective / Birds of the National Botanical Garden: A photographer’s sanctuary

The National Botanical Garden in Mirpur is not only a place of beauty and serenity but also an important habitat for a diverse range of bird species. By hosting a diverse number of plants, botanical gardens create microhabitats that support the avian population and for bird enthusiasts and photographers, this place can be a treasure trove.

14h ago

Elaf Al Dubai launched at Sheraton Dhaka

On 23 February, 2024, under the shimmering lights of Sheraton Dhaka at Banani, House of Ahmed, founded by the husband-and-wife duo of Ahmed Tuhin Reza and Tanzila Elma, launched its latest apparel collection Elaf Al Dubai, which promises to redefine modest fashion with its unique blend of elegance and tradition.

2d ago

Seasonal flu: Essential tips to protect your family

With individuals coming down with the flu left, right and centre, it is natural to be concerned for the safety of our close family and friends, especially the elderly, young children, and pregnant women. And you know what they say – prevention is better than cure. Let us take a look at the measures you may take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

2d ago

#Events / Vegan Society Bangladesh organises the first Vegan Festival

On 23 February 2024, the Vegan Society Bangladesh organised the first-ever Vegan Festival of Bangladesh. The festival's hub included a variety of vegan food stalls where attendees could sample various vegan meal flavours. It was also a terrific chance for non-vegans to sample a range of vegan cuisine!

18h ago

Tasting authentic Dhakaiya food outside Puran Dhaka

Discover Dhakaiya Chapkhana, a new aesthetic cafe in town serving authentic Dhaka cuisine. Admire the colourful wall depicting Dhaka's historic monuments as you indulge in flavourful dishes.

2d ago
Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Now, you can have Trump sneakers

Donald Trump has launched his own sneaker brand, a day after a New York judge ordered him to pay $354.9m in penalties for fraudulently overstating his net worth to dupe lenders.

1w ago

Being a woman is just such a war, forever: Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, the Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated artiste, has recently opened up about the relentless challenges she faces as a woman, particularly as a young woman in the public eye.

A new thriller arrives in ‘Shyama Kabya’, stars hopeful

The much-anticipated psychological thriller, Badrul Anam Saud’s “Shyama Kabya” is set to release in the theaters of Bangladesh on November 24.

Tisha and Farooki’s daughter debuts in ‘Autobigraphy’s’ song ‘Jochonar Phool’

The song, titled “Jochonar Phool”, is written by Chirkutt frontline Sharmin Sultana Sumi and she jointly tuned and composed it with the songwriter and Chirkutt member Pavel Areen. The latter also produced the song. Mostofa Sarwar Farooki himself released the song on Wednesday through his Facebook profile.

21 personalities to get Ekushey Padak 2024

The government yesterday announced the recipients of Ekushey Padak 2024 upon 21 distinguished citizens in recognition of their momentous contributions in various fields of the nation.

1w ago

Sharmila Tagore calls on PM

A delegation of artistes led by eminent Indian film actress Sharmila Tagore today paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her official Gono Bhaban residence in Dhaka this afternoon marking the Dhaka International Film Festival

I aspire to become an actor for whom directors will eagerly line up: Ashna Habib Bhabna

Ashna Habib Bhabna, a popular actress, is gearing up for the grand releases of two of her films, “Japito Jibon”, directed by Habibul Islam Habib, and “Daam Para”, directed by Shuddhyaman Chaitan. The actress, known for captivating television audiences, hasn't worked in TV dramas for over three years, fully immersing herself in her movie roles.

Offbeat / You did not know these Bengali adaptations of popular films existed

In a world where Hollywood's gloss and grandeur dominate the silver screen, there lies a cinematic treasure trove in Bangladesh that dances to its own beat. Far from the well-trodden paths of blockbuster narratives, Bangladeshi filmmakers have embraced the art of adaptation with a twist so unique it could only be born in the cultural kaleidoscope of South Asia. From singing superheroes to dancing apes, here's a whimsical journey through the Bangladeshi film industry's most audacious, hilarious, and unapologetically tacky takes on popular pop-culture icons.



Nawshaba undeterred, Nawshaba undeniable

Nawshaba's journey has not been devoid of challenges. Despite her talent and dedication, she has often found herself being overlooked by the media and industry insiders. “How many times do I have to prove myself?" she mused, highlighting the uphill battle faced by many artistes striving to carve out their niche in the industry. 

2w ago

When a boy from Azimpur carries Bangladeshi rap

In the world of Bangla rap, few names carry as much weight and influence as Black Zang. His journey, intricately entwined with the rise of Bangla rap culture, is a testament to artistic evolution, cultural amalgamation, and the power of storytelling through music. In the vibrant and ever-evolving realm of hip-hop music, Black Zang stands out as a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

The team that made ‘Ashomvob’ possible

Yesterday (November 3), Aruna Biswas’s debut directorial film, "Ashomvob", was released nationwide. In this multi-starrer project, the veteran actress not only directed the film but also played a pivotal role. The cast includes outstanding performances by Sohana Saba, Gazi Nur, and Swagata, amongst many others.

What makes Karnival stand out?

Karnival started as a passion project between friends Tinu, Sabbir, Tonmoy and Sunny in 2006. Together, they made their debut album, “Indraloy.”

The grandest OTT extravaganza hosts its second iteration

The awards will be handed out tonight at a lavish event at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), in the Hall of Fame, from 5 pm onwards.

Bobby electrifies

Eamin Haque Bobby is gearing up for a return soon. She was last seen in “Paap”, where her role as an ACP officer was embraced well, despite the outcome of the film. As a producer, she has an assortment of genres under her belt, including the superhero film “Bizli”.

Xefer remastered

Xefer first broke into the scene with her soulful covers, capturing hearts with her deep melodic voice. Over the years, she not only continued her musical journey but also emerged as a style and youth icon.

Jessia in action

"The character of agent Rupa drew me to the script. Her unbreakable spirit and her fight against crime captivated me," said Jessia Islam on her debut film "MR-9: Do or Die".

Star Health

Star Health

MRM without prescription: A violation risking the lives of women

When 24-year-old Mithila Islam, mother of a nine-month-old, discovered she was pregnant again, she was already 10 weeks into conception.

10h ago

Sometimes media is to blame for price hikes: Justice Enayetur Rahim

Justice M Enayetur Rahim, a senior judge at the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court (SC), today instructed the media to make reports positively and carefully, saying that prices of products sometimes increase due to the role of media.

16h ago

45 new Covid cases reported in 24 hours

Bangladesh reported 45 more Covid-19 cases in 24 hours till this morning, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)

16h ago

Dengue: 20 more hospitalised in 24hrs

No new dengue deaths were reported in Bangladesh in the 24 hours till this morning, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)

1d ago

One more Covid-19 death, 73 cases recorded in 24hrs

Bangladesh reported one more Covid-19 death and 73 fresh cases in 24 hours till this morning

1d ago

Raids on hospitals countrywide from Feb 27: health minister

There will be zero tolerance for child deaths due to hospital authorities' negligence, he says

1d ago

Halt glaucoma progression by regular eye exams

Glaucoma is an eye or ocular disease that slowly damages the optic nerve that connects the eye and the brain, where the pressure inside the eye is an important modifiable factor.

2d ago

Boosting energy and mood as you age: practical tips for healthy living

As we age, it is common to notice changes in energy levels and mood, but there are several lifestyle adjustments you can make to maintain vitality and well-being.

2d ago


Chintito since 1995 / This land is not for sale

The present landlords have been living on their land, happily, merrily, for eons with their elders and children.

3w ago

Satire / Dhaka man loves metro rail so much that it’s affecting his relationship

The MRT-6 running at near full service has changed the lives of millions of Dhakaites. But for one Mirpur man, the changes have reached his home and private life.

3w ago

Girlfriend changes angle, trained boyfriend confused, organises human chain

Ahmed Reza organised a human chain last week demanding the ban of all social media usage for couples in ongoing relationships. He thinks social media hides and distorts reality.

3w ago

Satire / Bangkok temporarily turns into Dhaka as concertgoers flock to Coldplay

It seemed harmless at first. One could see one or two stories on social media, featuring people by the beach, enjoying the blue waters of Phuket or Krabi.

3w ago

Chinito Since 1995 / In search of an apt pasture to graze

There is a reason why you do not see me singing on television.

Citizens to store natural emissions to beat rising gas prices

Things have been pretty bleak in Fapa city. With the Russia-Ukraine war tumbling down on the world’s economy, gas prices have increased by 88 percent in the country just within a year.

Readers’ corner / ‘Country first, company second, culture somewhere’

Rabindranath, not the Bard of Bengal, began an internship at a renowned local company in quest of the actual essence of corporate culture. He studied BBA to keep up with the trends, but now he regrets doing so.

Chintito Since1995 / No way out for the poor

Relaxing on the deck of his 50-metre yacht, off the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, a quadrillionaire was sipping on his orange juice before a late breakfast. It was spiked with a dash of lemon and fresh mint sprigs.  



The iPhone 15 Pro's camera can be a true game changer

The recent launch of Apple's iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max has set the tech world abuzz, and for good reason. While the device is teeming with top-tier features, it is the camera that truly commands attention. Offering a set of functionalities that can rival some professional cameras, Apple's latest offering is not just an incremental upgrade; it's a significant leap forward from its predecessors, particularly the iPhone 14 Pro.

Editor's Note / Embracing the inevitable

And thus, we invite our readers to embark on the next exhilarating journey with Tech & Startup!

So long, goodbye

The sun may set, but the journey never truly ends. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Bytes / Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: The ultimate ultra

Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, takes centre stage as a powerful contender in the smartphone market. While some might argue that the design changes are subtle and the price tag is on the higher side, there's no denying that this device excels in certain key areas, especially when it comes to photography.

Cover Story / Every end marks a new beginning

To our readers, thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty. We invite you to join us in embracing this new beginning and be a part of the exciting journey that lies ahead. Together, let us explore the endless possibilities that technology and startups offer, celebrating the innovative spirit that drives us all.

Huawei completes 25 years in Bangladesh

Huawei, the multinational technology corporation, has recently completed 25 years in Bangladesh. The organisation held a celebration event on 20 July, where they thanked their partners and stakeholders for years of support. 

Safeguarding workspaces from escalating cyber attacks: A comprehensive guide

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how organisations can safeguard their data, secure their employees' information, prevent cyber attacks, and respond effectively in case of a breach.

The setting sun

With that, let’s join hands in hopes of a brighter future. Keep in mind that everytime the sun sets, the promise of a better tomorrow awaits. A new journey is always right around the corner. 

In Focus

In Focus

Sharing of Ganges water: What looms after 2026?

In 1976, a mass procession led by a nearly 80-year-old peasant leader, Maulana Bhasani, from Dhaka to the Indo-Bangladesh Border drew huge attention from national and international media.

1w ago

Vangiya Sahitya Parishat, the first Bengal Academy of Literature

‘Academy’, as many of us know, is a word that comes from the French word ‘academie’, evolving from Latin ‘academia’—the ultimate ancestor of both being Greek ‘akademeia’.

2w ago

A Call for Bengali Language Outreach

Apparently, Bengali (or Bangla) is the seventh spoken language in the world by population. By some statistics, its position is sixth, and even fifth in another! I am not elated by this because the number of speakers of a language does not demonstrate its acceptance nor its popularity, globally or locally.

3w ago

Politics and Archaeology of Ayodhya

British administrator and archaeologist Alexander Cunningham, who served as the first director-general of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), founded in 1861, conducted the first archaeological survey in 1862-1863, followed by the second one in 1889-1891.

4w ago

Global South and global North

Both my parents had been actively engaged in the struggle for the liberation of Algeria from French colonialism. A few months after its independence, we left France to live in Algiers, sharing the house with two Algerian families whose women, Fatima and Jima, were like other mothers to me.

200th birth anniversary of Michael Madhusudan Dutt / Pramila: A Tradition Characterized

“People here grumble and say that the heart of the Poet in Meghanad is with the Rakhasas. And that is the real truth. I despise Ram and his rabble; but the idea of Ravan, elevates and kindles my imagination; he was a grand fellow.”

With and beyond Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Pierre Alain-Baud, (Pyaro), the author of Le Messager du Qawwali (Voix du Monde) (Demi Lune 2008), and Kazi Abdullah Al Muktadir, the book’s Bangla translator in Shahen Shah E Qawwali: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pathak Shamabesh 2022) talked with Nazia Manzoor, Editor of the Daily Star Books. The authors shared anecdotes. What started out as a fun experiment, ended as a lasting experience in the hearts of all of us who were present that day.

121st Birth Anniversary of Poet Jasim Uddin / Jasim Uddin’s 1971

There has not been much research on to what extent the shadow of 1971 has been reflected in Bangla literature.

Star Youth

Star Youth

Footsteps Co-Founder and President receives Youth Leaders Award

Footsteps Co-Founder and President Shah Rafayat Chowdhury has received the Global Citizen Youth Leaders Award.

5d ago

Celebrating Galentine’s Day on a budget

The spirit of Valentine's Day isn't just reserved for romantic partners – it's also about cherishing all forms of love, including platonic love.

1w ago

The struggles of being older than your peers

For most students, having a close group of friends from childhood, especially with varying ages, ensures that they never end up feeling very different for their own age.

3w ago

Why young people should read The Adventures of Tintin

Almost a decade has passed since then, and Tintin still remains a timeless classic.

3w ago

The academic junkie’s guide to micro-dosing success

As you enjoy studying at a comfortable pace, you’ll naturally want to increase the workload as you get used to the previous one.

3w ago

Coping with climate anxiety: The struggles of Bangladeshi youth

Experts predict that we will face more unpredictable weather events in the coming year due to climate change.

Why you deserve to spend your vacations with no guilt

Constantly berating yourself for not spending your break “properly” can be counterproductive.

Understanding and coping with burnout in high-achievers

Parents, educators, and even the media have an unhealthy preoccupation with prodigies. This encourages students to do more than they should at a young age, which can develop into a complex about maintaining their competitive nature by pushing themselves past their limits. 



Toyota announces anime series 'GRIP'

Toyota, the reputed automotive manufacturer, has recently announced that it is launching a new anime series. Called 'GRIP', the five-episode series will feature several popular Toyota cars such as the GR Corolla, the Renaissance Red 2.0 GR Supra, and the GR86 in a futuristic city setting.

6d ago

Toyota recalls 50k US vehicles over potential airbag explosion

Toyota Motor has recently released a public statement in which it urged owners of 50,000 older US vehicles to stop driving and get immediate recall repairs. As per the statement, this is due to an issue with the airbag inflator, which Toyota says could explode and potentially kill the driver.

3w ago

Toyota becomes highest-selling automaker 4 years in a row

Toyota, for the fourth consecutive year, has become the highest-selling automaker in the world. According to a recent press release by the company, Toyota Motor has sold a record of 11.2 million vehicles in 2023.

3w ago

What is so special about Royal Enfield bikes?

As per recent news, Ifad Group is expected to begin commercial operation of Royal Enfield bikes in July 2024 for the streets of Bangladesh. However, those not familiar with these vehicles might ask: what is so special about Royal Enfield bikes?

4w ago

Apple's electric car to be released in 2028: report

Apple Inc.'s electric car initiative, known as 'Project Titan', has recently shifted to a 2028 release date from the original release date of 2025, according to Mark Gruman, a renowned Apple analyst. 

Avik Anwar achieves podium finishes in UAE Gulf Pro Car Round 5

In the recent UAE Gulf Pro Car Round 5, Avik Anwar from Bangladesh secured podium positions in both races, finishing third and second in the first and second races, respectively. According to Anwar, this achievement came despite him facing technical difficulties with his vehicles.

Tesla releases 'upgraded' Model 3 in North America

Tesla, the American automotive company, has recently launched a new version of its Model 3 sedan, which is being called an 'upgraded' Model 3. The new Model 3 is now available in North America at an unchanged price, as per Tesla's official website.

Xiaomi launches its first electric car, the SU7

Xiaomi has unveiled its inaugural electric car, the SU7, marking a significant expansion into the automotive sector. The company's Chief Executive, Lei Jun, revealed the vehicle on Thursday, setting forth Xiaomi's vision to rank among the top five global automakers within the next two decades.

Daily Star Books

Daily Star Books

BOI MELA 2024 / Ekushey Boi Mela: Children's books and what to expect

With only a few days to go, there’s still a chance to take the younger ones to the book fair and check out the wide range of books available

15h ago

BOI MELA 2024 / BTS of Ekushey Boi Mela: Is our publishing industry overly reliant on one event?

Most publishing companies in Bangladesh are not big enough for them to have a fully functioning marketing team or a viable marketing strategy.

1d ago

BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / She’s a terrible person, but that’s the point

A review of Ottessa Moshfegh's 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation' (Penguin Press, 2023)

1d ago

BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / Dynamics of race and riches in ‘Such a Fun Age’

In the thick of it is a young woman of colour who’s a late bloomer and eventually finds her footing.

2d ago

EVENT REPORT / Unveiling ‘L’État, C'est Moi’: A journey through French aesthetics and culture

Last week, on February 15, 2024, Alliance Française de Dhaka hosted a book launching event for Dr Mahbubur Rahman’s 'L'État, C'est Moi'

3d ago

ESSAY / “Dostoevsky” by Ahmed Sofa

A translation of Ahmed Sofa's essay on Dostoyevsky

3d ago

BOI MELA 2024 / Trends in horror and graphic novels at this year’s Boi Mela

According to the publishers, the classic horror books are among their best selling novels this year.

3d ago

BOI MELA 2024 / Behind the scenes: Preparing stall layouts for the Ekushey Boi Mela

For most of the publishers, pavilion planning commenced as early as mid January and the organisers left no stone unturned in terms of planning the layout.

4d ago
Star Holiday

Star Holiday

Al Ula: A hidden gem in Saudi Arabia

When we think of Saudi Arabia, we often imagine Makkah, Medina, and the annual pilgrimage. But beyond these, there are plenty of amazing spots that have been attracting travellers since the kingdom opened up to foreign visitors in 2019.

3d ago

Skywalk on Dhampus

As the clock struck 4:00pm, I caught sight of two tiny figures descending from the rocky slopes of the Tukuche massif. With each passing minute, the figures gradually grew more recognizable: Samiur and Arif were returning after scaling Little Tukuche (5879m), one of the formidable peaks of the Dhaulagiri range.

2w ago

Pondicherry: A charming former French colony

I boarded the Koromondol Express from Kolkata to Chennai at 3.20pm for a long journey. On my way, I met Anupam, an old friend from the Sandakfu-Phalut trek. It had been ten years since we last met.

Rema-kalenga wildlife forest: A sanctuary of souls

Recently, I went on a trip to the Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary: a hidden gem often overlooked even by seasoned travellers. This is the story of my solo trip there.

Seven continents, 100 countries

We have been to places.

Scaling Mount Saramati

We reached Pungro, a small town in northern Nagaland’s Kiphire district, late at night after covering about three and a half hundred kilometres on a dusty, winding mountain road. With no lodges available, the car driver took us to a government rest house. However, as foreigners from Bangladesh, we were told we needed permission from the zone’s additional district commissioner. 

Trek to Sandakphu

We had no idea that we slept away the past twelve hours, the whole journey from Kolkata to Siliguri.

Tanguar Haor: A magical place worth revisiting

While chatting with my seniors at a cafe in Purana Paltan, Tipu bhai casually mentioned that he was going to Sunamganj to visit Tanguar Haor with a travel group. Since I had never been there, I asked him to include me in the team. Tipu bhai agreed.

Weekend Read

Weekend Read

To be able to dream again

At first glance it looks like a happy gathering of women and girls spanning ages from 15 to 50 years. We are greeted by this group of 30 and they welcome us with a song and dance routine.

3d ago

Safe but not free

For the last five years 19-year-old Sumona (pseudonym) has been living at the Training and Rehabilitation Centre for Socially Disadvantaged Women in Barishal.

3d ago

Karwan Bazar / Where night never sleeps and market is always open

As the night gets deeper and Dhaka goes to sleep, one place pulsates with energy -- Karwan Bazar kitchen market.

1w ago

Ahsan Manzil / A palace by the river

Leave behind the tangled streets and chaotic symphony of Old Dhaka for a while. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a different era, stepping onto a gilded boat that glides through the sun-dappled Buriganga.

2w ago

The wondrous world of rooftop gardening

Perhaps, there is a hidden farmer in all of us. Although suppressed under the urban rat race, many secret gardeners have decided they will create a garden, however small, within the confines of their buildings.

3w ago

Banglabazar: All things book

Walking past the Jagannath University and Dhaka Collegiate School, amid heavy noise of construction work at Dhaka Sadar Post Office, these correspondents heard a voice that cut through the cacophony in narrow lanes of Old Dhaka.

Dhaka’s vanishing wildlife

Gendaria, a neighbourhood in Old Dhaka, once known for its spacious roads and European style colonial buildings, has lost much of its grandeur.

Tanguar Haor: A paradise lost

The iconic Tanguar Haor, one of Bangladesh’s most important ecologically critical areas, is facing an uncertain future amid growing environmental threats.

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