Can BNP really put up a good fight?

One can argue that BNP does not have the organisational wisdom or the cunning to wage a crippling street campaign

59m ago

Prison reform is the need of the hour

CAG audit report on Dhaka Central Jail demands appropriate response

2h ago

Don't make a mockery of social support

Authorities must prevent misallocation of relief goods meant for the poor

6h ago
In Focus

In Focus

As I Remember Syed Waliullah, My Papa

Thinking of Syed Waliullah and being his son always triggers contrasting feelings of joy and pride, melancholy and pain. Regrettably, neither my elder sister Simine nor I am able to remember much about our father, as we were both very young when he passed away.

'Be more attentive to the workings of nature around us and through us'

Congratulations on your new book, “River Life and the Upspring of Nature.” With your academic background in religious studies and social life in Pakistan, what prompted you to shift your focus towards studying the river life and char communities in Bangladesh?

Lest we forget: The pioneering educationists from East Bengal

We would like to recall with gratitude some harbingers of education from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in the 19th century, who have ‘illumined’ the lives of generations by founding modern educational institutions at the primary, secondary and university levels in British India.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Views Multimedia

Views Multimedia

Tackling the causes behind fire incidents

Dr Syeda Sultana Razia speaks to The Daily Star Opinion regarding the causes behind frequent fires and some possible solutions. 

Our reality versus government's narrative

Why is there so much difference between the reality of common people and that which the government wants to see or project?

Poor policy and market management have caused price hikes

Why is the government failing to manage the market as they should?

Sued under DSA, woman dies in Rab custody

According to family members, Rab said the 38-year-old Sultana Jasmine suffered a stroke in their custody, but her relatives insisted that she had no medical issues

Have we been able to establish a state different from Pakistan?

Through the Liberation War of 1971, the people of this region wanted to establish a state that would not be built in the model of Pakistan. Fifty-two years later, can we say we have achieved that goal?