Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

Law analysis / Workplace safety for construction workers

On 24 June 2023, four construction site workers met gruesome death due to lack of safety standards at the construction sites.

For your information / Remedies against false cases

What could possibly be more distressing than being accused of a crime that someone has not committed?

Legal implications of the Oil Tanker explosion in Jhalokati

An incident of explosion occurred in the vessel named Sagar Nandini-2 on the Sugandha river in front of Jhalokati municipality on 1 July 2023 while it was carrying 11 lakh litres of petrol and diesel to the Padma Oil Depot.

Protection of diplomats under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that the ambassadors and high commissioners in Bangladesh representing the United States, United Kingdom, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Japan

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The state of press freedom: A comparison between regional and international best practices

The fundamental right of journalists and media organisations to operate independently without interference, censorship,

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Reasonable Restrictions: Article 39 of the Bangladesh Constitution and Global Standards

The issue of imposing limitations on freedom of expression has garnered the interest of scholars across the globe.

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Recommendations of the High Court Division for a better company act

The High Court Division (HCD) of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has recently recommended that the Company Act 1994 should undergo significant change for shifting the status of the developed nation from the present situation.

Sedition Law and Press Freedom in Bangladesh

The current laws governing press freedom have their roots in the colonial era, as we continue to uphold the Penal Code of 1860 and its addition, the sedition law.

Jalal Uddin Mia and others v Alhaj Abdul Awal and others: The High Court Division’s bold effort to curb frivolous litigations

In Jalal Uddin Mia and others v Alhaj Abdul Awal and others (Civil Revision No. 5150/2005), the High Court Division’s single bench comprising Md. Ashraful Kamal J came down heavily on litigants filing frivolous litigations without any cause of action. Initially, the petitioners filed Title Suit No.

The implication of International Space Law on balloons case between China and the USA

The history of balloons flying into the sovereign airspace of other states is not new.

Young enthusiasts discussed ‘International Law, Justice, and Research’ with Prof M Rafiqul Islam at CSGJ

In an otherwise sultry noon, a good crowd of young researchers and students from several universities gathered to discuss ‘International Law, Justice, and Research’ with Prof M Rafiqul Islam at the Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice (CSGJ), Liberation War Museum on 7 June 2023. Prof Islam is an Emeritus Professor of Law at Macquarie University, Australia.

University of Dhaka makes history for Bangladesh on the global stage: A reflective overview on the journey to Jessup 2023

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, also known as the Jessup Moot, is the oldest and largest international moot competition in the world and draws competitors from nearly 700 law schools in more than 90 countries on average.

Restrictions on strike in essential service sectors

Strikes are common forms of protest performed by employees in various professions, especially workers, to address grievances and demand fair treatment.