Law & Our Rights

Law & Our Rights

RIGHTS VISION / Data Localisation and Data Protection in Bangladesh: A Review

Data localisation requires for data, particularly personal and/or arguably sensitive, to be stored and processed within a specific geographical location or jurisdiction.

LAW OPINION / The Non-Lower or Non-Subordinate Judiciary of Bangladesh

Recently, this writer happened to have invited a friend, a judicial officer, to deliver a guest lecture on the functioning of our ‘lower judiciary’.

RIGHTS WATCH / Our Rights to Assemble and Protest

Public assemblies play a crucial role in holding the authorities accountable and to voice demands on issues that matter.

Notable Decisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh

In view of the end of 2023, the write-up compiles certain landmark decisions that were handed down by the Supreme Court of Bangladesh last year.

3w ago

The Problem with Noise Pollution and our Laws

In 2022, one of the most concerning impacts of noise pollution was witnessed when a four-month-old child succumbed to death amid excessive noise of fireworks during new year-eve celebrations.

3w ago

Confusions Stemming from the Bank Company (Amendment) Act 2023

Taking a loan with the intention of repaying through installments as per the loan agreement is an integral part of modern economy.

4w ago

(Trans)gender and the Question of Constitutional Membership

Gender appears to be a hackneyed topic in our country. If not, it is a ghost that necessitates fighting when it comes in conflict with our so-called social and religious values.

4w ago

An analysis of the Family Courts Act 2023

Recently, the parliament has repealed the Family Courts Ordinance 1985 and passed a new Act, namely the Family Courts Act 2023 (FCA).

The Bhumi Oporadh Protirodh o Protikaar Ain 2023

Mohammad Towhidul Islam is a Professor of Law at the University of Dhaka. He received his PhD in intellectual property from the Macquarie University, Australia.

Certificate giving ceremony held at The Daily Star

Law & Our Rights, The Daily Star recognised the top three writers of the International Human Rights Day Write-up Competition 2023 on 10 December 2023 at The Daily Star centre. The flagship competition has been organised since 2017 by the page.

Safeguarding human rights from business conducts

In today’s world, business enterprises have the potential to positively impact millions of lives around the world.

Human Rights in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Despite its overwhelming presence across many aspects of our lives, there is no widely accepted definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Climate Refugees and Human Rights

Environmental or climate refugees mean people forced to flee their homes and communities due to long-term or sudden environmental calamities, such as drought, erosion, desertification, sea level rise, etc.

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