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‘I own many houses in the US only to make better sewerage systems back home’

Task Jong Un, one of the most intense workaholics in Chapasthan, exhibited his diligence once again by taking his responsibilities to another level.

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Chuadanga man hospitalised due to malfunctioning weather app

A man in Chuadanga was hospitalised with pneumonia on Thursday because he kept walking around the district town in a sleeveless shirt and shorts even as the mercury had dipped to below 7 degrees Celsius, the lowest recorded temperature this season.

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Marriage in trouble after man refuses to break traffic rules

A couple in Dhaka has admitted that a single instance of the husband refusing to drive against traffic during a traffic jam has landed the marriage in hot water.

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Person manages to attend Pic Fest despite January wedding commitments

A woman in Dhaka was honoured with the “Warrior Princess” award after she was spotted at Pic Fest on Friday evening.

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Some passengers who are not quite liking metro rail

Many people were overjoyed as the country entered a new era of transport with the launch of the metro rail, but there were some Bangladeshis who were crushed by the advent of the state-of-the-art transport service.

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Blender d’Or Award introduced for all athletes

It was an auspicious moment for the country when Bangladesh introduced one of the most prestigious awards in sport, the Blender d’Or, just like France’s Ballon d’Or. Bangladesh even managed to surpass France as the award is being given to palyers of all sports, while France has maintained the narrow outlook of giving it only to footballers, an egregious oversight from a supposedly liberal country.

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My greatness pushed Messi to WC glory

Cristiano Ronaldo has called time on his career after Messi won the World Cup beating France in an epic encounter that stretched till the penalties.

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New app "DuiLingo" helps students talk to professors without offending them

The solution that ends the plight of all university students.

Scaloni irked by Messi and Co watching Tigers play India

It seems that Lionel Messi’s quest for the elusive World Cup title is going to be a much tougher task than expected and, quite surprisingly,

Triggered by ‘seasonal fan’ tag, man quits job to watch football

What else could be more humiliating than to be called a “seasonal fan”, that too in the midst of the enthralling football world cup?

Corporate to give out awards based on social media vibe

Board members of  Big Corporation were in a quandary. A large number of their employees had started having an ethical dilemma. Many of the company’s employees had already quit after company data on farmers’ actual earnings and carbon footprint got anonymously released.

Bangladeshi fans abandon European football for Saudi league as Ronaldo joins Al-Nassr

These fans claim that they’ve been fans of Saudi Arabian football for quite a while now.