Reader's Voice

Reader's Voice

Dipu deserved better than a death-by-disregard

People are killed in the strangest ways in Bangladesh. for which no one is punished.

5d ago

Harvesting demographic dividends

As per the Labour Force Survey 2022, the number of unemployed graduates doubled in five years.

Empowering women, sustaining the environment

Amid multifaceted challenges, there is a story of interconnectedness of women and the environment.

How sign language can bring about change

Disabilities should not leave a person disadvantaged.

The need for an admission test

One may wonder why admission tests should be required in place of allowing results-based admission.

A bus ride or a comedy show?

The local bus is like a stand-up comedy special full of outdated gender norms and unintentional satire on seat selection.

How the elderly have embraced social media

Older people in Bangladesh increasingly becoming a part of the social media landscape

We need community lawering to promoting social justice

It can help marginalised communities to fight against injustice and inequality

Are feminists asking for 'too much'?

Just because things could always be worse doesn’t mean that the current issues are not worth fighting for.

Innovative approaches to preventing dengue

Advancements in genetic engineering have led to the development of genetically modified mosquitoes that are resistant to dengue virus infection.

Is AI a concern for chartered accountants?

It is safe to say that AI-driven technologies can be a helping hand for accountants.

Do we have a vision for Dhaka?

Dhaka is now a black hole: a city consuming millions of residents but has no sense of quality life.

Justice at long last for Prof Taher's murder

The act of a student turning against his teacher over the seemingly trivial issue of a promotion leaves us with a profound sense of disbelief and sorrow.

Environmental protection laws need stricter enforcement

Bangladesh has a number of environmental laws in place, but enforcement is often weak

Striking a balance between development and environmental conservation

Current development practices ignore the negative impact they can have on the natural environment.

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