Reader's Voice

Reader's Voice

The philosophical undertones of writings on public transport

The thoughtful and philosophical themes of these writings surely make us ponder the ubiquity of human intellect.

1w ago

Bangladesh needs a formalised animal rescue system

As of today, there exists no formal institution in Bangladesh that can rescue trapped animals.

4w ago

Unlocking the potential of health corners for a healthier future

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh has offered a commendable solution to address the challenges faced by the adolescent population.

1m ago

The Age of AI / Is Bangladesh missing an opportunity?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the world, and Bangladesh stands at a crossroads.

1m ago

We need a referral system that works

Acknowledging the current strain on the reference system is the first step.

1m ago

Why must we take IELTS exams?

Many international institutions are reluctant to accept our school and college certificates as evidence of proficiency.

2m ago

How will Bangladesh keep on sheltering the Rohingya?

The diminishing funds allocated for the Rohingya crisis are placing an immense financial burden on Bangladesh, forcing the country to resort to borrowing for the refugees’ well-being.

2m ago

READERS' VOICE / Our footpaths need to be freed

It is high time authorities restored the city’s aesthetics and footpaths’ mobility by taking stern actions.

2m ago

What does science tell about social media addiction?

People are getting more and more addicted to social media, and most are unaware of their own dependency.

3m ago

Dipu deserved better than a death-by-disregard

People are killed in the strangest ways in Bangladesh. for which no one is punished.

3m ago

Harvesting demographic dividends

As per the Labour Force Survey 2022, the number of unemployed graduates doubled in five years.

4m ago

Empowering women, sustaining the environment

Amid multifaceted challenges, there is a story of interconnectedness of women and the environment.

4m ago

How sign language can bring about change

Disabilities should not leave a person disadvantaged.

5m ago

The need for an admission test

One may wonder why admission tests should be required in place of allowing results-based admission.

6m ago

A bus ride or a comedy show?

The local bus is like a stand-up comedy special full of outdated gender norms and unintentional satire on seat selection.

6m ago

How the elderly have embraced social media

Older people in Bangladesh increasingly becoming a part of the social media landscape

6m ago

We need community lawering to promoting social justice

It can help marginalised communities to fight against injustice and inequality

6m ago

Are feminists asking for 'too much'?

Just because things could always be worse doesn’t mean that the current issues are not worth fighting for.

7m ago
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