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Sunset Studios is making Bangladesh’s first “anime-style” project

Sunset Studios is an animation studio based in Bangladesh that has recently announced its new project, Dead End, which has been gaining traction as Bangladesh’s first “anime-style” project. Irfan Chowdhury, the co-founder and director of the studio, alongside the technical director and sound designer Ali Arman, and 2D artist Humayra Kabir sat down with SHOUT to give insight into this ambitious project.

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Journaling in times of turbulence

“Do you sometimes think that the world is unfair?” This is a question I know I will never get a satisfactory answer to. In fact, I would get no answer at all because I always pose this question to something that never answers, only absorbs – my diary.

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How winter has changed for me over the years

Growing up, December was the month I was always most excited for. And why wouldn’t I be? Besides being my birthday month, December also marked the end of a seemingly never-ending academic year, and the much-anticipated beginning of winter.

‘Today my father finally gets an answer for what a girl child can do’

On Thursday, October 27, Maria Mumu, the founding president of Moshal Mental Health gave her first TedTalk at North South University.

GP barred from selling any SIM cards, new or old: BTRC

"The telecom company has no intention to provide quality service, as it is not doing anything to fix the problems that its subscribers are facing,” he said.

DPS STS School Dhaka returns with TEDx

On October 15, DPS STS School Dhaka hosted the second iteration of their TEDx event, on the premises of the school’s senior campus in Dhaka. Speakers from a diverse range of sectors were in attendance to speak to the audience—who were then given the chance to interact with them and ask questions during a half-hour panel discussion session.

Bangladesh’s success at IEO 2022

International Economics Olympiad (IEO) is an annual competition for high school students that intends to stimulate their interest in the field of economics, business, and finance through a creative problem-solving approach. This year, more than 200 students from 43 teams participated in the prestigious event.

A conversation with Professor Debattama Sen

I got the ball rolling by asking one of the most basic questions: What does an average day at work look like for her?

Musical twins spread the gospel of Bengali music

Purba Audhora and Urbi Modhura, two teenage musicians from London, showcased their love and respect for Rabindranath Tagore in the presentation of “Poshchimer Robi”, last Friday at Chhayanaut.

With Monash and UCB, the keyword is “partnership”

In conversation with Andrew Walker, Pro Vice-Chancellor and President of Monash University Malaysia, about the quality of higher education, opportunities of Bangladeshi students to pursue higher education abroad and also the impact of the pandemic on exploring the opportunities.

Youth from Jhenaidah opens a free gym

What started out as a simple hobby, eventually resulted in the formation of a gymnasium in Sreepur village under the Shailkupa upazila in Jhenaidah. Youth from the nearby villages are congregating to this gym, that was made by a member of the youth in Jhenaidah.

Hate Khori strives to facilitate education for fishermen community

Rubel Mia, a local youth from Mathbaria, Pirojpur founded Hate Khori Foundation back in 2018, with the intention of providing proper education for the financially challenged children of fishermen in his community.