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Why you deserve to spend your vacations with no guilt

Constantly berating yourself for not spending your break “properly” can be counterproductive.

6d ago

Understanding and coping with burnout in high-achievers

Parents, educators, and even the media have an unhealthy preoccupation with prodigies. This encourages students to do more than they should at a young age, which can develop into a complex about maintaining their competitive nature by pushing themselves past their limits. 

6d ago

Youth activism and the Palestinian resistance

As the vanguard for change, the fires of revolution burn hot in our blood, and these flames are only fanned by young Palestinians who are showing the world what it truly means to be a revolutionary.

1w ago

Being a bookworm on a busy schedule

When you still approach reading in its ritualistic form every once in a while, it won’t feel like you’re “making time to read” but simply reading.

1w ago

Superhero content that is actually cinema

While it is mostly always the formulaic films which get the attention, there are actually many superhero adaptations which are very profound in their own right and wholeheartedly deserve to be in the discussions of what is considered cinema.

2w ago

How to overcome the fear of public speaking

While public speaking is important, it’s not the end of the world to not be the best at it.

2w ago

How social media validation throttles an artist’s growth

Receiving a constant stream of praise can be quite validating, but it can be harmful for an individual looking to improve at their craft.

3w ago

Put a Period: How the youth is addressing menstrual equity

Founded by four high schoolers from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College (VNSC), Put a Period is a non-profit organisation working to eliminate taboos surrounding menstruation.

3w ago

The need for teachers to maintain a positive outlook during classes

Students like to be noticed by their teacher in a positive light. By appreciating them, teachers build a healthy, competitive environment which helps coax out students’ creativity. 

The unhealthy side of academic competition

While competitiveness amongst students can encourage more academic diligence, its darker side warrants more discussion.

A university student’s guide to time management

The best way to manage time, therefore, is to simply stop letting ourselves become distracted for hours on end. And yes, this does mean that watching one extra productivity hack video on YouTube will be detrimental to this journey.

PPECCC Dhaka 2023 explores climate change as an opportunity for investment and employment

On September 23, the Preserve Planet Earth Climate Change Conference (PPECCC) took place, signifying the inaugural event in a planned series of conferences that will take place in major cities worldwide.

Leisure time is not wasted time

We need to stop denigrating leisure as a waste of time or something to feel guilty about.

Bangladeshi activists join Global Climate Strike

The climate strike was held in Bangladesh is a part of the Global Climate Strike organised by Fridays for Future.

Making the jump from O level to A level

It only takes a few weeks into A levels for students to realise the stark difference between O and A levels.

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park becomes Bangladesh's first free Bangla book reading destination

On September 9, Grow Your Reader Foundation (GYRF) celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of two new Book Garages in collaboration with Goofi at the Justice Shahbuddin Ahmed Park, Gulshan. 

How independent learning can enhance the academic performance of university students

Independent learners can tailor their own pace and schedule of learning outside the classroom to work on their shortcomings. 

Making a study playlist that works for you

A step-by-step guide to help you make your personalised study playlist.

Albums that feel like a goodbye

Here are some of the albums that you should listen to for processing the most bittersweet and complex of emotions – bidding goodbye.

Learning English: A guide that doesn’t involve books

Here’s a breakdown of a few other ways you can boost your English skills.

Paving the way for inclusivity

Ashreen hopes for a future in which gender labels no longer limit their playgrounds.

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