Kindness gives life its biggest dividends

The history of civilisation has shown that humans survive when they are part of a community.

The war that we need to know so much more about

Our Liberation War is something we are proud to talk about, read about, and reminisce about but have not done much research on.

A global state of disunion

In other words, the world is in disunion not just from wealth and income disparities, but through the widening digital and knowledge application gaps.

Can inclusion be a synonym for tokenism?

In reality, those in power fear inclusion. It is a threat to their order, an unwelcome change.

2d ago

The shadow lines of Bangladesh's birth

Our freedom struggle helped us identify both our allies and enemies

3d ago

The link between climate change and financial systems

Banks situated in countries facing elevated climate risk demonstrate diminished levels of financial stability.

3d ago

Why is making new friends more difficult as we grow older?

The game has changed, and it’s not you – it’s time. Or, more accurately, the lack of it.

3d ago

Since we cannot say ‘never again’...

What is the feeling of celebrating independence knowing it marks the darkest day in another people's history?

4d ago

Sustainability must equal financial viability

What is more important: being a successful, financially viable business, or being a sustainable business?

4d ago

Challenges to the recognition of Bangladesh genocide

Even in the leading work of global genocide scholars, the Bangladesh case is either sadly missing or ingeniously presented.

4d ago

Time to implement national guideline

It is high time that this guideline was implemented at all levels in Bangladesh.

4d ago

The coveted Finnish happiness, explained by a Bangladeshi

In other words, the Finnish government sells extensive security and Finns buy it by paying taxes throughout their working life.

4d ago

Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2024: Another indictment of Bangladesh’s state of governance

Bangladesh, since 2018, has been classified as a 'moderate autocracy.'

5d ago
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