Stop putting it off: 5 procrastination-busting tips you need now!

The majority of people tend to procrastinate. In truth, I procrastinated writing this article for a while. At some point, we have all been there. However, regular procrastination may eventually lead to massive failures. But have no fear! It is possible to regain some measure of mastery over one's life by practicing self-awareness and self-care.

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Mastering the ABCs of bra sizing for comfort and confidence!

The quest for the perfect bra size — a journey many of us embark upon with high hopes — only to be met with confusion in the lingerie aisle. We are about to unravel the mystery of selecting the right bra size, ensuring you are not only supported but also embracing comfort and confidence in every curve.

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Stop ignoring your laundry! How often sheets and towels need a wash

Washing towels and sheets is perhaps one of those mundane chores we may not think about much. From dirt, dead skin cells, and sweat to bodily fluids, bedsheets and towels accumulate a plethora of germs and bacteria over time. This accumulation not only makes them feel less comfortable but can also lead to skin irritations, acne, and even health risks if pathogens are present.

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How to dress your kids for school in this cold wave

It’s a cold wave and it will pass, but until then, parents know full well what havoc it can wreak on the lives of young kids. The weak sun and the still, unhealthy air can cause blocked sinuses, congested chests, and runny noses. Come the school season, parents are concerned about the frigid morning temperatures and how to keep children as warm as possible.

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Winter photography tips for all you shutterbugs

Winter isn't just about ice cold waters and late wakeups; it's more about foggy mornings and the perfect excuse to wear that stylish sweater you bought on sale. So, how do you capture the essence of Dhaka's winter on your smartphone? Let's dive into the frosty (well, sort of) world of winter photography, smartphone-style!

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Unexpected life lessons you can learn from wilderness survival

If you are the average Dhakaite, there is a very high chance that you have swam in a swimming pool on numerous occasions, but never in a pond or any other naturally occurring waterbody. You also probably do not know how to start a fire without a matchstick or tell the direction without a compass!

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Winter photography tips for all you shutterbugs

Winter isn't just about ice cold waters and late wakeups; it's more about foggy mornings and the perfect excuse to wear that stylish sweater you bought on sale. So, how do you capture the essence of Dhaka's winter on your smartphone?

Why mentorship is more than just a nice idea

In our technologically advanced, fast-paced society, it appears that the age-old mentorship tradition — in which, more experienced individuals guide younger ones — is a little lost in the mix. Imagine attempting to solve the great mysteries of life without someone to consult for guidance. Have we lost sight of the importance of advice from those who have been around the block a little bit longer than us in our rush to be ultra-modern?

Mastering the art of handwashing: A step-by-step guide for adults and children

In the fast-paced world we live in, one simple but important habit is often overlooked — handwashing. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that proper hand hygiene is a cornerstone in maintaining good health, preventing the spread of infections, and fostering a clean and vibrant lifestyle.

New Year, new financial habits: A guide to money management in 2024

Explore actionable strategies for effective money management, empowering you to achieve financial goals. From budgeting insights to investment tips, this comprehensive guide navigates the financial landscape, helping you make informed decisions and embrace positive fiscal habits. Kickstart the year with confidence, taking control of your finances and setting the stage for long-term success.

8 New Year’s resolutions for a happier and healthier you!

From cultivating mindfulness to fostering meaningful connections, these resolutions aim to inspire a fulfilling and joyous journey towards a more balanced and contented life in the coming year. Here are some resolutions that can truly pull up your well-being and happiness quotient in 2024.

Gifts beyond blenders: How to gift like a pro this wedding season

Here is your guide to breaking the curse of kitchen supplies and be the coolest gift-giver this season.

Table manners 101: Dining etiquettes explained

Table manners are important because in a civilised society, poor dining etiquette can create a poor impression of you at social gatherings and social business situations. Even when you are eating at a restaurant surrounded by strangers, table manners are important, because you do not want to irritate others with your poor manners or invite stares from patrons sitting at the next table.

Do spelling mistakes matter?

The significance of spelling might seem like a trivial concern. As a nation, we have become forgiving of these slip-ups, perhaps too forgiving. A 2002 study about this phenomenon found that readers did negatively judge authors’ intelligence when spelling mistakes were present in the text.

The Grit Blueprint: 8 simple steps to boost your mental strength

When the going gets tough, having a strong mind can be like having a superpower, the power to rise above difficulties and keep going. This is your go-to manual for turning everyday folks into mental superheroes, equipped with the resilience to handle tough times and the determination to face challenges head-on.

Manners maketh man: Reviving the charm of etiquette in the ultra-modern era

In the whirlwind of today's ultra-modern society, where Tinder and Bumble have replaced courtly love and emojis substitute for heartfelt conversation, the art of etiquette, particularly for men, seems to be on a leisurely stroll towards obscurity. This begs the question; in our pursuit of all things modern, are we inadvertently side-lining the refined grace of good manners?

Skin-savvy shaving: Navigating razors for your skin's sake!

Achieving the perfect shave is no simple task, and it all starts with the careful selection of an appropriate razor. Your skin, with its unique characteristics, deserves a careful and personalised approach to grooming.

5 things to learn from Virat Kohli to win in your life

As a cricketer, Virat Kohli is in a league of his own. Cricket fans all around the world enjoy his energetic and powerful playing style. In fact, he broke Sachin Tendulkar's milestone for the most runs at an ODI World Cup with his 50th ODI century in India's semi-final match versus New Zealand during the 2023 World Cup.

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