5 most beautiful mosques in Europe

Europe has a fascinating connection with Islam. The Islamic past of the region leaves a footmark which is traceable even today to the observing tourist. Although we associate mosques with prayers, the splendours of many of the European architectural marvels often leave us awed.

1w ago

Biman to operate additional flights ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr

Like previous years, Biman Bangladesh Airlines said it intends to operate additional flights on domestic routes for holidaymakers ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr

2w ago

Visiting Bangkok: Beyond Soi 11

Some relish the familiar company of fellow Bangladeshis abroad, while others seek comfort in the taste of home provided by the deshi food stalls. However, with diverse demographics now travelling more frequently, it's worth venturing beyond Soi 11 to embrace a different facet of Bangkok.

3w ago

The rise of domestic tourism: Challenges and opportunities

Bangladesh is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. One quick YouTube search would fill your screen with various vloggers, both local and foreign, showcasing our rich cultural heritage, diverse landscape, and warm hospitality. However, there is still a lot to be desired, so we reached out to avid travellers, as well as figures from the hospitality sector to gather insight and analyse what comes next for Bangladesh’s tourism.

3w ago

4 underrated honeymoon destinations for intimate adventures!

Locations like the picturesque streets of Paris and the sun-kissed beaches of the Maldives beckons romance. However, some locations do not always offer the privacy and comfort you might be looking for. Here are 4 underrated locations for newlyweds that offer adventure and romance for their honeymoon.

4w ago

5 must-visit places in the world during spring season

In spring, the world is an exquisite place. The days are longer with endless opportunities for adventure, the flowers are in full bloom, and the sun is beaming. So, there is no doubt that it is one of the finest seasons for vacations. While there are many destinations to visit in spring, a few stand out. So, take a look at these 5 best places in the world, which are ideal for springtime travel!

4w ago

AirAsia recognises top 20 Bangladeshi travel agents

AirAsia, the largest airline in Malaysia, has recognised the top 20 travel agencies in Bangladesh at the AirAsia Agents Conference 2024

4w ago

5 most beautiful temples in Bangladesh

Join us as we explore the stories behind five of these beautiful structures, where devotion meets craftsmanship, and spirituality converges with stunning aesthetics, creating a tapestry of religious diversity and architectural splendour in the heart of our beloved multicultural nation.

Hajj registration deadline extended again till Feb 6

The government has again extended the hajj registration deadline for 2024 until February 6 in a bid to avoid last time hassle

6 beautiful Mughal monuments to visit in Asia

The Mughal dynasty, which was established by Babur in 1526, dominated a broad and culturally varied region, making a lasting impression on the Indian subcontinent. Today, their architectural landmarks, many of which have been recognised by UNESCO World Heritage, are locations for tourists from all across the world.

6 beautiful cemeteries to visit around the world

Cemeteries are indeed associated with grief and sadness. On top of that, a lot of people consider them to be eerie places to visit. However, cemeteries can also be incredibly enchanting. At its core, they are designed in a way to make visitors who come to pay tribute to their loved ones feel comfortable.

5 must-visit destinations for Lunar New Year celebration

As the Lunar New Year approaches, billions around the globe eagerly anticipate the euphoric celebration steeped in centuries-old customs and rich cultural heritage. From vibrant street parades to mesmerising firework displays, this annual spectacle transcends borders, uniting communities in a tapestry of joy, prosperity, and hope. Join us on a journey to five enchanting destinations where the spirit of Lunar New Year shines brightest, promising an unforgettable start to the Year of Abundance.

Sharjah-bound flight returns to Ctg following technical glitch

A Sharjah-bound flight of Air Arabia had to return to Chattogram Shah Amanat International Airport two hours after take-off last night due to a technical glitch, said airport officials

Hajj registration deadline extended to February 1

Amid poor response in hajj registration, the Ministry of Religious Affairs today extended the deadline for registration till February 1

Flight operations suspended at Saidpur Airport for three hours due to fog

Flight operation in Nilphamari’s Saidpur Airport was suspended for three hours due to poor visibility caused by dense fog today

Five spectacular lighthouses you can't miss

Lighthouses are often deemed as entities which beaconed travellers setting sail in ships, a landmark which held an utmost importance only to them. But with time, their fascinating stories have touched the surface of human history, pristine for mankind to see and instilling a want to behold their lonesome marvelousness. So, here are 5 most beautiful lighthouses around the world awaiting your visit, placed in faraway lands like Ireland to nearer ones like China.

Journey into history: Asia's must-visit museums for an unforgettable experience

It does not matter whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a science aficionado — museums offer something for everyone. Asia boasts vast diversity in its landscapes, people and cultures, and for a curious traveller in the region, what better way to learn about it than to visit the nearest museum?

5 most beautiful hot springs in the world

Hot springs are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature, where you can calm your senses and drink in the picturesque outlook which seamlessly couples with it. Therapeutic and relaxing — these mineral rich waters have been gracing many travel locations around the world with its marvellous presence. Here are 5 most beautiful hot springs for you to revel in its magnificence to your heart’s content.

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