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Food & Recipes

Types of coffees and how to order them

Even if coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, a good many of us get confused about what to order, owing to the variety of drinks that can be made with it. Well, save yourself the anxiety because here’s a guide to ordering coffees that will make you fall in love with java all over again!

17h ago

Say hello to spring with these strawberry-infused delicacies!

Resembling a dazzling red ruby, but bursting with sweet and tart flavours — a fruit filled with the goodness of nature. Yes, it’s strawberries we are talking about! While there exists a plethora of dishes you can make with them, local strawberries grace us with their presence only once a year. Well, we are in luck because it is that time of the year again where strawberries are in season. So, stock up and make the most of this strawberry season with these delicious recipes!

1d ago

A Falguni platter: Cooking edible flowers

Falgun arrives in a flurry of yellow and I am pleased to share some popular Bengali recipes, in collaboration with Joyadrita Ragavendran Chatterjee, who shares her family specials from West Bengal.

4d ago

Indulge in love: Decadent Valentine’s Day recipes

Valentine’s Day is not all about dining out or ordering takeaways. For those planning to stay at home, prepare to indulge in a symphony of flavours crafted with love for an unforgettable celebration. From succulent roast chicken to flavours of daab chingri, and red velvet cake, these recipes are designed to delight the senses.

2w ago

Around the world in 4 dishes: Easy globally inspired breakfast recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and having a hearty one not only energises you, but also gives you the required spur to go about the day. But preparing a hearty breakfast does not have to be time-consuming. Here are four breakfast recipes from around the world that you can prepare in a jiffy.

2w ago

Recipes from around the world

The year 2024 arrived with a sudden cold wave that called for the warmest dishes one can conjure. As we bid adieu to this cold weather and look forward to the yellows of spring, we take advantage of the chilly evenings for the last of this season’s warm soups and pies. A Fearless Olive version of the recipes and a personal favourite to brighten your dinner tables. Have a lovely week!

2w ago

A delightful vegan recipe: Cabbage roll

Indulge in a delightful culinary journey with our Mushroom and Potato Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe. Bursting with flavours, these rolls are a perfect blend of mushrooms, potatoes, and garlic, simmered in aromatic mustard oil. This gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan dish can serve as a hearty main course or a satisfying side. With a quick 30-minute prep and cook time, it's a must-try for the season, utilising locally grown cabbages. Elevate your dining experience with this low-carb sensation!

2w ago

5 drinks to try before you say bye to winter

Like every other year, after a cameo, winter is about to say goodbye. So, whether you want something warm and delicious while you are snug and cosy binge-watching your favourite show, or you need your daily intake of required nutrients this winter, here are 5 drink recipes to get you through the cold season.

2w ago

Bangladeshi-American chef Nur-E Gulshan Rahman nominated for James Beard Award

Bangladeshi-born American chef Nur-E Gulshan Rahman has recently been shortlisted for the Best Chef in the Mid-Atlantic category by the James Beard Foundation. This is one of the most coveted culinary awards in the United States, often referred to as the “Oscars of Food”. Hosted annually, the award recognises individuals and restaurants who are behind America’s contemporary thriving food culture.

3w ago

Mastering food presentation: A guide to styling your dishes

So, you worked for hours to make food that you or your loved ones will enjoy. While food presentation is often a last thought, it excites the senses of those eating it. Read on to learn how to plate your tasty foods like a pro with just a few easy tips!

Taste Asia on a budget: 5 best street food destinations

Food is an essential part of any tourist’s dream trip. So, what’s better than getting delectable meals at an affordable price? Here are 5 cities to savour Asia’s mouth-watering street foods at the most reasonable rates!

Boost your mood naturally: Foods that make you happy

Popularly known as the happy hormone, dopamine enhances feelings of well-being and pleasure. Although it has been widely acknowledged that indulging oneself or engaging in various activities can trigger a surge of dopamine, scientific findings reveal that certain food items can elicit a similar response!

Rangamati's culinary canvas: Where simplicity meets sophistication

In Rangamati, the culinary approach takes a gentle detour from Dhaka's romance with robust spices. Here, the kitchen's philosophy is about understatement – where freshly sourced ingredients' natural flavours are spotlighted. It's a refreshing departure from the spice-intense culinary narrative that Dhaka so proudly narrates.

Ramen: Ultimate comfort food in a bowl

The little joys of winter include chilly nights, cosying up in a blanket and slurping away one of our favourite comfort foods — ramen. It is an immensely versatile dish and can be cooked in so many different ways: try it with vegetables, try it with an abundance of protein, and the options for broth are endless. Here are some ramen recipes for you to try and complement the weather that has settled in.

Foodie revolution: Men making waves in the kitchen—Here's why

The field of culinary arts in recent years has undergone a paradigm shift. There has been a huge surge of men interested in the culinary arts, showing once and for all that the kitchen is for everyone. We wanted to take a second to explore crucial elements that have caused this movement.

Recipes of the season: Delicious appetisers for winter parties

The calm weather and early sunsets make winter evenings perfect for soirees and cosy gatherings. No wonder we see a rise in the number of playful occasions during this time of the year! And no celebration is complete without good food, especially when winter brings with it a fresh haul of special produce. Here are some easy recipes to make using winter produce to keep your guests entertained and winter gatherings fun!

Fresh on the shelves: Buying organic products

While buying agro-produce from local bazaars, superstores, or even farmer’s markets, we want to ensure that the products are free from insecticides and other harmful chemicals. To avoid such harmful products, many of us are now opting for organic foods.

Pizza recipes with unique twists to keep your tummy on edge

It does not always have to come sliced in triangles inside a square box; you can take the flavour combination and create your versions of pizza in various shapes and sizes. Turn it into a tart; bite-sized cups; or even give a little twist to the recipe — the sky is the limit.

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