As I Remember Syed Waliullah, My Papa

Thinking of Syed Waliullah and being his son always triggers contrasting feelings of joy and pride, melancholy and pain. Regrettably, neither my elder sister Simine nor I am able to remember much about our father, as we were both very young when he passed away.

'Be more attentive to the workings of nature around us and through us'

Congratulations on your new book, “River Life and the Upspring of Nature.” With your academic background in religious studies and social life in Pakistan, what prompted you to shift your focus towards studying the river life and char communities in Bangladesh?

Lest we forget: The pioneering educationists from East Bengal

We would like to recall with gratitude some harbingers of education from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in the 19th century, who have ‘illumined’ the lives of generations by founding modern educational institutions at the primary, secondary and university levels in British India.

1857: The uprising in Delhi and its brutal suppression

The great revolt of 1857 was a momentous struggle against colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent—the most widespread anti-colonial struggle during the nineteenth century.

'Guha was as much an intellectual and thinker as he was a historian'

Ranajit Guha ( May 23, 1923 - April 28, 1923) was an influential Indian historian and scholar renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of Subaltern Studies.

Only Connect: The Radical Empathy of Mrinal Sen

In a few days, the whole world will celebrate the centenary of Sen: the man who changed India’s cinematic landscape forever.

Why Sampadak Parishad opposes the Digital Security Act

After the enactment of the Digital Security Act (DSA) in 2018, the Sampadak Parishad published an elaborate

The Struggle for Justice and Dignity

The labour movement in Bangladesh has a rich and complex history that dates back to the 19th century.

Honouring Mujibnagar heroes

April 17, 1971, is a historic day that shines brightly in the collective memory of Bangladesh with immense pride, unwavering strength, and boundless enthusiasm.

Honouring André Malraux’s Legacy

During the middle of the past century, two Frenchmen were known and admired around the world. They were General de Gaulle and André Malraux.

The Partition of India

A unique feature of Indian history is that over thousands of years people of different nationalities had entered India in large numbers. 

The Liberation War Museum narrating collective trauma

Liberation War Museum (LWM) in Dhaka tells the story not only of the Liberation War but also of the long struggles of breaking the fetters that, over the decades, led to the ultimate formation of Bangladesh.

Writing the Good Fight: Women, War, and Jahanara Imam’s Ekattorer Dinguli

In 1938, as Hitler marched across Europe, Virginia Woolf, in Three Guineas, urged women to “maintain an attitude of complete indifference” to war. She took a clear position on whether or not women have a stake in politics and war.