How a Bangladeshi teenager is making a name in academics

At the age of 15, Bangladesh's Maher Ali Rusho has shown remarkable success in mathematics and science olympiads

A festive Pahela Baishakh 1430 celebrated with colourful processions

With hopes of renewed vigour and good fortune, Bangladesh greeted the first sunrise of the Bengali year 1430

Ekushey's first poem penned in Chattogram

Chattogram was one of the main cities in the country that stirred up the Language Movement. Chattogramplayed a key role in two phases of the Language Movement. In 1948, the first phase of the language movement was manifested in Chattogram

Hajong experience in Ruposhree’s artwork

Ruposhree Hajong, a student of the Fine Arts Department of Jahangirnagar University, highlights the history, culture, and crisis of the indigenous Hajongs in her artwork. On her own initiative, she is highlighting the stories of the Hajongs through colour and cotton.

Princess Abhaya and her 11 Shiva temples in Abhaynagar

Four hundred and fifty years ago, King Nilkantha Roy used to live on the banks of the Bhairab river somewhere in Jashore. A daughter was born to his household, Princess Abhaya, after whom the place later came to be known as Abhaynagar.

Calls to preserve house of Poet Nazrul’s wife Pramila in Manikganj

Teota village of Shibalaya upazila of Manikganj. The memories of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam and his wife Pramila are scattered in this village which is located on the bank of Jamuna river. But as time passes, memories are also fading.

Jhenidah’s part in the Language Movement

Although Jhenidah too was stirred up from the first phase of the language movement in 1948, it was 1952 when this district burst into protests and processions against the repressive decisions of the Pakistani regime.

Language Movement in Jashore

With the entire East Bengal, Jashore too was boiling up in protests against the repressive actions of the Pakistan regime from 1948. The frontlines of the movement in the city were in Michael Madhusudan College and the Town Hall premises.

How the Language Movement unfolded in Faridpur

One of the strongest protests against Pakistan’s repressive actions towards Bangla was organised in Faridpur. In 1952, Ambika Maidan, Rajendra College, and Zilla Schools became the focal points of the movement in the district.

SHOUTxDS Books presents 'Slam Poetry Nights' — Session 5

For its 5th session, SHOUTx DS Books’ Slam Poetry Nights performed at the Dhaka Lit Fest 2023.

Dunstone Cemetery: A century of memories

There is a century-old cemetery in the middle of a picturesque tea garden. Its history is intertwined with the birth of the tea industry in this country. The local Christians still pray for those who are lying in eternal sleep far away from their homeland. .In Star Special, watch the story

The story behind the picture

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Many a culture have variations of this adage in their different languages. A picture can indeed tell a lot of stories. An image showing a female student cuddling and carrying her pet cat while a puppy and a dog follow her footsteps was shot by our photojournalist Prabir Das.

Prof AK Nazmul Karim's contribution to sociology in Bangladesh

Professor AK Nazmul Karim was the only Bengali founder of the Department of Sociology at Dhaka University when it was formed in 1957. On the century of his birth, The Daily Star speaks with renowned sociologist Anupam Sen

Mahasthangarh: What are the new findings?

Mahasthangarh of Bogura, the over 2,500-year-old huge city amazes people to this day.

'Jabbarer Boli Khela’: A legacy of anti-British movement

At the beginning of 20th century, Abdul Jabbar Saudagar, a merchant from Chattogram, introduced a wrestling competition. His intention was to cultivate a sport that would prepare the youth to fight against British rule.

How is ‘Tomtom’ made?

At Baishakhi mela and all other local fairs, indigenous toy known as “Tomtom” is very popular.