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Culture Multimedia

Visitors flock to Panchagarh to see 10 species of 18-colored tulips

This garden of tulip flowers, built on about two acres of land in Darjipara village of Tetulia upazila of Panchagarh, is like a piece of the Netherlands. Tourists flock to this area in Panchagarh to enjoy the beauty of this flower

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United by the love of Bangla

Today's Star Special takes a look at the story of the Bangla lovers on wheels

1w ago

What is a digital nomad visa and which countries offer it?

Watch Star Explains to find out the answers

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In conversation with Historian Perween Hasan

Although history was not her initial pursuit during her youth, she later wholeheartedly immersed herself in the field

Durga Puja: 65ft Kumbhakarna with 501 idols in Khulna

There is a 65-foot long sleeping idol of Kumbhakarna, along with 501 idols based on stories from the four ages of Hindu mythology. An array of activities are going on centring this year's Durga Puja at Shikdar Bari in Hakimpur village in Khulna

Jheel Kutum Café in Hatirjheel remains a burnt memory

Film cafe Jheel Kutum was a popular destination for those who visit Hatirjheel in the capital. Before being burnt down in fire, the café was decorated with posters of popular films from home and abroad and various related materials

Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali's work in Bengal

The Sufi saint Khan Jahan Ali came to Bangla during the Sultanate period as a general. Later, he became known as an Islamic preacher and architect

CU campus: Music in the air

If you step inside Chittagong University's campus, the first thing that'll greet you is music. It's hard to miss music if you walk around the campus, from the iconic CU shuttle train station and academic buildings to the canteens, residential halls, roadside stalls, and streets. Music is everywhere!

Mario Pierre Romance: A selfless foreign friend of our Liberation War

In 1971, citizens from different countries came forward to help us without thinking about their own self. They helped us in many ways which includes forming public opinion and sympathy in favour of our Liberation War

The 'Green Pen' that grows into a tree

In an astonishing display of innovation, Nachima Akhter from Jashore has successfully developed an eco-friendly 'green pen' that defies conventional norms

In the words of Professor Niaz Zaman

The contributions of Professor Niaz Zaman to the English translation of modern Bengali literature are truly extraordinary. Born into a non-Bengali family, she has dedicated herself to bringing the captivating world of Bengali literature to the global audience through relentless translation efforts. She also stands as a witness to significant historical events like the Partition and the Liberation War

Gurupada Gupta, a prolific artiste

Gurupada Guptaan is an artiste and dotara player best known as a lyricist and music composer in the local dialects of Khulna and Jashore region. He wrote over 1,400 songs and is still going strong

Comrade, give me a cup!

Yet, the tiny, yellow-walled tea stall attracts customers like bees to flowers.  “Comrade, give me a cup,” is how they ask for tea.

How a Bangladeshi teenager is making a name in academics

At the age of 15, Bangladesh's Maher Ali Rusho has shown remarkable success in mathematics and science olympiads

A festive Pahela Baishakh 1430 celebrated with colourful processions

With hopes of renewed vigour and good fortune, Bangladesh greeted the first sunrise of the Bengali year 1430

People of CHT welcome new year with floral rituals

People of the Chittagong Hill Tracts started their celebration of the new year by floating flowers in the river, hoping to wash away the sorrows of the past year and usher in happiness and prosperity. The festivities were marked by colourful cultural programmes in Bandarban and Rangamati districts

'Where calm and quiet has to be bought with money, the real meaning of life has disappeared'

Are we forgetting the true significance of human life in the fascination of the development of the state or the progress of mankind?

In a first, BSF denies permission for 'Kannakatir Mela'

On the occasion of Ganga Puja, a border-bond fair is held every year in the no man’s land on the Bangladesh-India border in Lalmonirhat

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