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The Street View / The quest is for an opposition, not a government

Who will form the opposition is still a matter of speculation.

2w ago

When the ruling party does the opposition's work

It is the EC’s role to ensure a congenial atmosphere for people to cast their votes freely.

The facade of a competitive election

The ruling Awami League is desperately trying to showcase the polls as inclusive and competitive.

Expediency triumphs over principle in electoral politics

It appears that all of the ruling party’s efforts revolve around the next election, not considering longer-term ramifications for itself.

The Street View / When youngsters shun politics, the nation should be worried

The youths have turned away from politics out of frustration.

Announcement of election schedule / As things stand, Bangladesh election is all but doomed

Given the attitudes of Awami League and BNP as Bangladesh election draws closer, there is no reason for one to feel hopeful about having a peaceful and participatory election.

The fog before the election

While the prime minister is unofficially on her campaign trail, the opposition camp is on the run.

BNP's options after the Oct 28 rally

There is no doubt that the country is heading towards a long-drawn confrontational politics ahead of the election.

What will happen on October 28?

It seems all the opposition forces are becoming active ahead of the national election.

Talking is the only way out

When dialogue fails, confrontation becomes inevitable.

Will we see a free, fair election after all?

One cannot help but note that Quader had a brazen attitude and lacked any embarrassment about the vitriol his party had been spewing against the US for quite some time now.

What's at stake with a politicised bureaucracy

The EC needs assistance from all stakeholders to hold a free and fair election come January.

Is it all as calm as it seems?

With the elections just four months away, there are hardly any campaigns.

Jatiya Party and its penchant for drama

Coupled with its unwavering commitment to unpredictability, JaPa has been true to its sense of dedicated opportunism over the years.

A people sidelined by its politicians

Shouldn't our politicians focus on how to best serve the people?

Is the Awami League worried?

It appears that the ruling party is courting all the powers that matter in Bangladeshi politics.

For every rally, there is a counter-rally

Although it happens to be a prevailing practice, this culture of 'counter-programme' only indicates moral insecurity.

Political tensions near a boiling point?

The two instances provide somewhat of an indication as to how the Election Commission will be handling voting in the 300 constituencies.

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