A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Dhaka's toxic air: An invisible killer on the loose

Dhaka's air did not become unbreathable overnight, nor is there any instant solution to it.

2d ago

Women breaking the glass ceiling? Not so much in sports

In Bangladesh, we have a long way to go in encouraging, promoting and creating a conducive ecosystem for the inclusion of more women in sports.

2w ago

Israel is rogue, but Iran must demonstrate restraint 

It remains to be seen what Israel does with its replenished weapons inventory.

4w ago

How we are missing out on higher remittances

Do we have the vision and political will to accelerate change and make the most of the opportunities that are about to unfold?

1m ago

Civil war in Myanmar: Bangladesh should beef up border security

Some 264 members of Myanmar’s border and security forces have entered the Bangladesh side illegally to escape fighting

3m ago

ICJ interim ruling on Israel’s war on Gaza: Unsurprisingly disappointing

Still, it has the potential to force the much-needed ceasefire by creating sufficient pressure on Israel's key allies.

3m ago

Israel is stoking Iran’s wrath

Is Israel's desire for dominance in the region the only factor behind wanting to take the war to Iran?

3m ago

As civil order crumbles in Myanmar, Bangladesh should be alert

If Myanmar’s civil war continues on its current course, there could be ripple effects on Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries.

4m ago

Attacks on Yemen could open Middle East’s pandora’s box

The US and UK strikes in Yemen have only aggravated the possibility of large-scale conflict in the already volatile Middle East.

4m ago

Rohingya refugees: Forsaken and forgotten

Rohingya refugees remain stuck in a limbo with no effective solution to the crisis in sight.

4m ago

Israel's endgame in Gaza is complete depopulation

if Israel’s target is Hamas resistance fighters, then why is it punishing the civilians in Gaza, and forcing them further towards the sea?

5m ago

How the US is arming Israel's genocide in Gaza

US weapons, provided with visible enthusiasm to the Israeli occupation forces, are being used to commit war crimes and genocide in Gaza.

5m ago

The lost children of Gaza

There is a generation of children growing up in Gaza without family, without love, without limbs, without food, without education, without basic human rights, in unspeakable depravity, scarred by the trauma of war.

6m ago

Suppressing freedom of expression will not change Palestine’s truth

The world is witnessing the Gaza genocide in real time despite Israel causing blackouts

6m ago

Israel’s hubris will be its undoing

The increasing ferocity of Israeli attacks will only garner further support for Palestine.

7m ago

Smart Bangladesh, unsmart cybersecurity measures

In the recent case, the entire profile of an individual could be obtained from the Telegram channel by just providing two inputs: the NID number and the date of birth.

7m ago

Hamas assault should be a moment of reckoning for Israel

Israel – along with its shameless allies – is the architect and enabler of this war.

7m ago

Why must Dhaka drown after heavy rain?

City authorities must take effective steps to end waterlogging in the capital city.

7m ago
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