Blowin’ in the Wind

Blowin’ in the Wind

Tax on private universities: Must we make education more costly?

This move seems to be a punishment for non-profit educational ventures that aim to enhance our higher education landscape.

18h ago

Dancing with Sycophancy

The spectacle raises some serious questions about the state of academic integrity and leadership.

1w ago

53 Years of Independence / The shadow lines of Bangladesh's birth

Our freedom struggle helped us identify both our allies and enemies

1w ago

Opinion / Hold on, let's talk about price hikes

Consumers hardly feel any sympathy for the downsizing that they have to experience due to price hikes. And all we get is haughtiness all around.

3w ago

Burning issues

We must heed the warning signs and take action before tragedy strikes once more.

Voices in captivity

To justify the restrictions, governments run a fear factory.

How do you teach Gen Z?

What is required is a complete overhaul of higher education to meet the expectations of this new generation of students.

The high cost of dying

The haunting concern over the high cost of dying is as real as death itself

The controversy over the NCTB textbook

The hullabaloo entailed a case study on an imaginary boy who preferred to identify as a female

Under the influence of the cold spell

This winter, our mood and sleep patterns were affected by the lukewarm electoral fever.

A prelude to tomorrow

Sometimes, our lust for power brings hell to earth. We let the fire burn and kill humanity.

‘I Like America and America Likes Me’

On the eve of the national election, Shamsad Mortuza explores animal imagery as the myth of union and harmony across cultures.

Living with fear and searching for hope

The year 2023 will go down in history when it comes of age, leaving behind its naive understanding of liberal humanism.

The perils of our English education

The problem of students underperforming in English is perennial.

Bangladesh's journey beyond Cold War realpolitik

Today marks the first Victory Day of Bangladesh being celebrated without the existence of Henry Kissinger

AI, AI, Captain: Will machines end our creativity?

Will artificial intelligence end human creativity? Or will it complement and expand it?

Girls are doing great in HSC, but what about the boys?

Putting aside the fanfare, the fact that boys are lagging behind girls in most school exams needs to be scrutinised carefully.

All the King’s Men

Our political leaders' reluctance to engage in dialogue and to uphold the tenets of democracy may erode public trust in them.

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