Blowin’ in the Wind

Blowin’ in the Wind

Victory Day / Bangladesh's journey beyond Cold War realpolitik

Today marks the first Victory Day of Bangladesh being celebrated without the existence of Henry Kissinger

1d ago

AI, AI, Captain: Will machines end our creativity?

Will artificial intelligence end human creativity? Or will it complement and expand it?

1w ago

Girls are doing great in HSC, but what about the boys?

Putting aside the fanfare, the fact that boys are lagging behind girls in most school exams needs to be scrutinised carefully.

2w ago

All the King’s Men

Our political leaders' reluctance to engage in dialogue and to uphold the tenets of democracy may erode public trust in them.

3w ago

The statistics that hide our poor education system

The enchantment of statistics should not blind us to the sobering truth.

4w ago

The Tigers' missed opportunity to unite a nation

At the grandest stage of men's cricket, the Tigers missed an opportunity to leave a mark, precisely when the country is divided on many issues.

Mind the gap in centralised university admissions

The practical implementation of this method has revealed significant shortcomings.

The war on error

Israel’s occupation of territories and desire to parcel all Palestinians as Arabs to the neighbouring countries have become blatantly clear.

Unlocking the secrets of ‘Khufiya’

The film can then be compared to a dog whistle; its message is understood by a particular group but eludes others.

From apathy to activism: Who’s gonna clean my lake?

Unless the canals through which the waste waters are released to larger sources in Mohammadpur are maintained on a regular basis, the much-hyped road islands and the ornamental plants in the Dhanmondi area are of no use.

Ranking race: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

In this race, universities vie for higher positions on the leaderboard, marking frenzied attempts to outmanoeuvre their peers.

Easy, Tiger! Hold your horses

The repercussions of Tanzim’s misogynistic remarks extend well beyond the headlines.

Catch me if you can

A pre-teen has been making news for boarding a Kuwait-bound flight from the Dhaka airport without any documentation.

Fly me to the Moon

Lack of clear vision hampers Bangladesh's space mission.

Witnessing the price hike parody

Will we hear yet another "eggcellent" proposal to import dub in order to force the local market to lower their price?

Why do students want to leave Bangladesh?

How do we deal with this growing trend where not only our young ones, but also our hard-earned money is going abroad?

Thoughts upon spotting a red dot

As I stood before the bathroom mirror, I noticed a red laser spot. I instinctively turned around to look for a sniper. No one there. I chuckled and inspected the mirror.

The snowball effect of academic crimes

As an academic, what worries me is the exponential unfolding of a simple instance of academic dishonesty.

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