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BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / The strange library of Haruki Murakami

Review of the Bangla translation of ‘A Strange Library’ (Knopf, 2014) by Haruki Murakami

EVENT REPORT / PublishHer Excellence Awards winners announced at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Mitia Osman, CEO and publisher of Mayurpankhi and the executive director at Agamee Prakashani, won the Emerging Leader Award

INTERVIEW / "It's the start of a conversation": Journalist Kavita Puri on producing a podcast series on the Bengal famine

In the latest documentary podcast series “Three Million”, journalist Kavita Puri seeks to answer this haunting question: “How do three million people just disappear?” by talking to some of the last surviving witnesses, including Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. 

BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / A mesmerising journey of life’s twists and turn

The Covenant of Water by physician and author Abraham Verghese tells the story of three generations of an Orthodox Saint Thomas Christian family in Kerala. Through suffering and loss, triumphs and victories, the importance of familial ties is examined and supported. In the Kerala of the 1940s, blood ties were sacred, but “family” also meant helpers who worked for you. Members of the three-generational family seem to be under a curse which causes its members to drown in water. The mystical power of water in our lives is explored with precision and sensitivity in the novel.

2w ago

BOOK REVIEW: POETRY IN TRANSLATION / ‘Temple Lamp’: A view of Ghalib’s rich cultural Persian inheritance

A review of ‘Temple Lamp: Verses on Banaras’ (India Penguin Classics, 2023) by Mirza Ghalib, translated by Maaz Bin Bilal

2w ago

BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / Meditations on sanity in ‘Hospital’

Though on its surface Sanya Rushdi’s  Hospital, translated into English by Arunava Sinha and recently longlisted for the 2024 Stella Prize, looks to be a breezy, short read—it is anything but. With her rather flattened, sparse prose, Rushdi has managed to write an enduring piece of autofiction, a compelling account of psychosis that neither sensationalises nor withers away any sentimentality from the struggles of mental health.

3w ago

BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / ‘Shubeik Lubeik’, wishes, and the vulnerability of human beings

In Deena Mohamed’s Shubeik Lubeik (originally published in 2015 and translated in 2023 by Mohamed herself), wishes have not only drastically altered the fabric of daily life in Egypt, but the world at large.

3w ago

Talespeople Spiels / A change of perspective

I love reading about popular inventions which were originally created with a different purpose in mind. For instance, did you know that bubble wrap, that oh-so-ubiquitous packing material that doubles as a stress-relieving toy, was initially intended to be wallpaper? Imagine that! On the one hand, you have hours and hours of bubble-popping fun. On the other hand, probably a trypophobe’s nightmare, so maybe not. Either way, March Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, the co-inventors of the material, thought they had a dud on their hands until IBM started looking for better packing materials for their delicate new computers. The rest is history.

3w ago

A case for funding the Bangladeshi English-writing scene

If the country’s literary potential is not given generous support, we may never create favourable conditions for aspiring writers to devote time and energy to the art

3w ago

INTERVIEW / In conversation with Shazia Omar: Fiction, wellness, readership, and everything in between

'I would like to see more writing coming out of Bangladesh,' Shazia Omar said. 'We are still behind'

4w ago

ESSAY / To read as an academic: The transformative journey of a reader turned student

I became curious as to how the experience of reading might change for someone who studied it for a living, and how the lens of a literature student might differ from that of a creative writing one

4w ago

10 books to foster gratitude and pride during Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan continues, may these books serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path towards greater understanding, compassion, and happiness

4w ago

A list of life lessons

Set in 1979, this is a story of monsters—the ones who prey on the vulnerable, the ones that exploit our weaknesses, and the ones that we elevate to positions of power.

The first American months

The sun was up. The sky was a perfect cerulean blue, the neighbourhood blissfully quiet. Through my window, I relished the sunny first day of 2020, with a cup of tea in my hand.

A flowing conversation at Dhaka Flow Festival 2024

On the midday of a warm spring, Dhaka Flow Fest 2024 organised a delightful reading session at Baridhara Lakeside Rajuk Park with authors Farah Ghuznavi, Neeman Sobhan, Salahdin Imam, and Nahiyan Ameen

‘Father of the Nation Bangabandhu’ marries the art of Japanese storytelling with the rich tapestry of Bangladesh’s history

A review of 'Father of the Nation Bangabandhu' (NRB Scholars, 2024) by ME Chowdhury Shameem and Iwamoto Keita

Designing our past and for our future

The author, architect Tanwir Nawaz, besides expressing his thoughts, ideas, and artistic struggles within a body of professional works, has poured his emotions and nostalgic memories into Exploring the World of Architecture and Design.

The ‘new oil’ transforming the world

Chip War, a highly praised book written by Chris Miller who teaches International history at Tuft University’s Fletcher School, USA, is a New York Times bestseller.

A country coming to life

Weaving the grand themes of politics and history, the book is a revelation into how the ordinary lives within a country are buffeted by constant changes.

‘Untranquil Recollections’: Revisiting the past with Professor Rehman Sobhan

On March 9, 2024, University Press Limited (UPL) hosted a discussion with Professor Rehman Sobhan, moderated by Dr Akhter Mahmood, on the two volumes of 'Untranquil Recollections'

Stories of survivorship, courage, and hope for a country that cares

A closer look into these stories reveal reasons why cancer continues to be dreaded—it is not just fear of the malady itself, but also the challenges of undergoing treatment through an overburdened healthcare system and its exorbitant costs.

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