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BOOK REVIEW: FICTION / Girlfriends, girlhood and everything else Dolly Alderton knows about love

Review of "Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir" (Penguin, 2018)

NEWS REPORT / #BooksForGaza: Writers hold fundraiser to help Gaza's children

As these accomplished authors join hands for the #BooksForGaza initiative, the auction’s mission statement outlines a powerful commitment undertaken by luminaries of the literary world.

TRIBUTE / James Joyce was never more profound than in 'Dubliners'

The universality of Dubliners is found not just in its structure as a short story collection, but also in the minute details of the way the people inhabit the stories, the city, and the world at large. The way they breathe help the city come to life, and the geography of the city has never been better realised by Joyce than right here

EDITORIAL / What we represent and who we are

As we close the curtains on the first month of the new year and step into the second, here at Star Books and Literature,  we are thinking back on the year we had.

1w ago

6 magazines accepting international submissions for fiction, poetry, and everything in between

To help save you the effort and to hopefully nudge you a little to submit your work, here are a few magazines around the world accepting international submissions for this year.

1w ago

NEWS REPORT / Court rules: Elif Shafak found guilty of plagiarism

The court also ruled that the Türkiye-based Dogan Kitap Publishing House was liable for material compensation as well as moral damages.

2w ago

EVENT REPORT / Creating sisterhood through Literature

Even the chilly Friday morning did not dampen the excitement as the audience came to support the writers who narrated parts of their works at the event.

2w ago

TRIBUTE / The queerness in Virginia Woolf’s writing

At a time when any hint of sexual fluidity would have been a gross transgression, she chose to ignore the unspoken sociopolitical boundaries.

2w ago

ESSAY / The first semester is your shitty first draft

Like many veterans, I joined a creative writing MFA program because I wanted to evolve as a writer.

2w ago

INTERVIEW / A fixed strand of identity: in conversation with Amal Awad

As a Palestinian-Australian, you’ve stressed the importance of telling stories about everyday Palestinians. Why is it important to tell such stories?

2w ago

THE SHELF / What's trending among writers in 2024?

Readers follow trending genres and the latest writing practices, which change within seconds. Keeping up with these trends is difficult for writers

2w ago

Aimless in Morisaki bookshop

My introduction to the Bangla translation of Japanese books happened during my visit to Baatighar Chittagong. It was there that I encountered the Bangla translations of works by one of my favourite Japanese writers, Haruki Murakami, back in 2021. Then last year, I found myself enchanted with the promise of Morisaki Boighorer Dinguli (Abosar Prokashona, 2023); the allure of the black edition of the book boasting ebony pages and stunning artwork had me yearning for the book months before its scheduled release.

3w ago

Sad girl lit and trivialising women’s writing

When I read the title of Charlotte Stroud’s article “The curse of the cool girl novelist” and the accompanying description of said type of novelist, I had a solid image of what she was referring to. Stroud describes “cool girl novelists” as “depressed and alienated”, “incurably downcast”, and “terminally sad”. It had similarities with “sad girl” literature, a supposedly new genre captivating readers and publishers alike.

3w ago

Anne Brontë: The daring sister in the shadows

Anne was a realistic novelist—and one who was very much ahead of her time. She was a fiery feminist, and dismissive of creating any Gothic atmosphere

3w ago

The controversial legacy of Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’

Readers often look for relatability in the stories and characters they are reading but Nabokov doesn’t give his readers that comfort or spoon feed them. Rather, he challenges them to eschew feeling compelled by Humbert’s justification of his innocence

3w ago

‘Capitalist Realism’: Reading Mark Fisher in a contemporary world

Why does reality seem so fundamentally unchanging? Fisher argues that the slogan “No Alternative!” is useful for the beneficiaries who, at the end of the day, want to make it seem that nothing else is possible

4w ago

A writer’s odyssey

Review of ‘Save The Cat! Writes a Novel’ (Ten Speed Press, 2018) by Jessica Brody

Where are Bangla literature’s female detectives?

During the mid 20th century, when female wordsmiths somewhat flourished with their newly published works, they were still suppressed under the dominance of male authors.

18th century British women writers and their Indian others

The postcolonial and feminist lenses Chatterjee deploys in his discussion of the works of the selected women writers seem to suit his analysis of the works of these "enlightenment" period British women writers, for their biases, fixations, and anxieties often come into view then.

Navigating culture, history, and nostalgia in ‘My Life in Tea’

Review of Anwarul Azim’s book ‘My Life in Tea’ (The University Press Limited, 2023)

A morning with Tahmima Anam at Bookworm Bangladesh

Anam chose to centre her reflections and readings on the theme of protests.

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