My Dhaka

My Dhaka

My Dhaka / Panthapath street market: A Hub for Affordable Shoes

Eid shopping has already begun in full swing and shoes are one of the indispensable items on your want list.

1d ago

My Dhaka / Ramadan price surge: the same old story?

Two-thirds of the Holy Month is over, and food prices are at an all-time high. Despite strict surveillance by magistrates to control price hikes and adulteration of food, this Ramadan, like always, traders are doing everything against the law.

3d ago

The origins of haleem

When was the last time you spent an entire month of Ramadan without eating haleem at least once?  This food has indeed survived the test of time!

3d ago

My Dhaka / Mastercard Dhaka Night Market 2024: An adventure awaits!

Night-time shopping has a certain charm to it, almost a like starry-eyed rebellion. Come Ramadan, staying out late into the wee hours has almost become a trend for Dhakaites.

6d ago

My Dhaka / DNCC in action: Transforming Dhaka with vibrant murals

Dhaka North’s newest venture is painting murals on flyovers, dustbin depots, free walls and spaces to make city streets look vibrant and colourful.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Our last chance to preserve Collegiate School

Haque added, “Instead of bulldozing history, they could have renovated and preserved the school and turned it into a Hall of Fame for all its illustrious alumni. It could have been a library for children of the city schools to come and learn about the country’s famous sons.”

1w ago

My Dhaka / The Dhaka Gate Cannon: Secrets of Bibi Mariam

Around a couple of months ago, the age-old Dhaka Gate near Doyel Chattar was unveiled to the public upon its renovation. If you visit the Gate, now in renewed glory, you are bound to see an imposing artefact in its premises -- a cannon called Bibi Mariam.

1w ago

How did Chawk Bazar's iftar market become so famous?

This hints towards a monopoly Chawk Bazar enjoyed in the olden times. 

1w ago

Bicycles against traffic

If you ask anyone what would be a defining trait of Dhaka, the notorious traffic congestion might be one of the answers.

2w ago

The Jilapi Craze: Crunchy, sweet, and irresistible

Jilapi or jelebi, Ramzan or Ramadan; whichever way you say it, #jilapis is now a trending post on social media. And why not? It is the quintessential iftar delicacy second to none.

2w ago

Poneer with tea: An old Dhaka favourite

Poneer-flavoured tea? How about bits or slices of poneer in your tea? The concept may not be all that surprising for many people these days, as just a few years ago various teashops and brands tried to popularise this almost as a novelty.

2w ago

When budget shopping meets style

The latest craze for city-dwellers is the cycle vans selling all kinds of things, from undergarments to cushion covers. I leave it up to you to broaden the spectrum of things you get in these footpath vans.

2w ago

Old traditions of Ramadan moon sighting

People used to gather at Ahsan Manzil, Boro Katra, Choto Katra, and Hussaini Dalan to spot the crescent moon.

2w ago

Preserving Family Recipes: Share your legacy with Protibha Flavours

Every family has a special recipe -- a cherished dish that only the mother, a specific aunt, or sister can cook to perfection.  The steaming Eid day polao garnished with almonds, pistachios, raisins, and plums may well be the grandma’s speciality, as is the Baishakhi special of the mother.

3w ago

The lesser-known marvels of Baldah Garden

Although many of us have known or heard of Baldah Garden, how frequently have we visited this century-old botanical paradise? Perhaps, not often enough to know what a splendid recreational space this garden can be!

3w ago

Int’l Women’s Day: Give up on chauvinism and inspire inclusion

Dhaka loves celebrations! Any whiff of festivities and we jump right in. So, today – March 8 -- is no different.

3w ago

Spreading Colours and Joy: Protibha hosts rickshaw-art workshop

The room was quiet and all 10 participants, aged between nine and 60, were engrossed in their work. They were each given a template and their task was to draw the design given, and later paint it. The paint brushes, the vibrant colours of neon yellow, vermillion red, emerald green, and cobalt blue along with design templates of a shapla, a bird, a tiger, and “alpona” gave the room a festive look.

4w ago

The world in a bowl of soup!

I am a soup person when it comes to food. With Dhaka’s ongoing coughing feats and sneezing bouts, I needed a bowl of hot soup for my flu-ridden body and soul.

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