My Dhaka

My Dhaka

My Dhaka / Bangabazar: Rising from the ashes

At 2,551 metres above sea level on Chandragiri Hills in Nepal, all I could thank for was Dhaka’s Bangabazar.

2d ago

The Wonder of Saat Gombuj Masjid

If you went to the Mohammadpur area, you would come across a splendid Mughal-era mosque: Saat Gombuj Masjid, or Seven-domed Mosque.

2d ago

My Dhaka / Neighbourhood Handymen the fixer you need

They are the most underrated professionals in the city. Although we need them ever so frequently, we never appreciate the skills of the handymen until we get trapped in unforeseen situations.

4d ago

My Dhaka / A taste of Mohammadpur

When you think Mohammadpur, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, the answer to that question is iconic places to eat.

1w ago

Beyond borders: Expatriates’ testimonies on Dhaka

What he craved was homemade food, the delicacies of Nazira Bazaar, and the variety and flavour of Bangalee food that you cannot find in Melbourne.

1w ago

My Dhaka / Tradition meets innovation in the spicy world of fuchka

Fuchka carts parked in neighbourhood alleys or in front of city parks and lakes are something synonymous with Dhaka.

1w ago

Sumon Bhai’s Dilbahar: The new special shorbot of Old Dhaka

The sought-after drink is only available from 9:00pm onwards every day and stays open until 12:30am.

2w ago

Dhaka and its Mughal mosques

If you haven't, you definitely should! The picturesque domes, the surroundings around the main buildings, and the often small and elegant interior all deserve the attention of a Dhaka buff. 

2w ago

Breaking stereotypes: A male nurse in the city

Roy, a pragmatic youth, opted to get a degree in nursing. Moreover, his cousin’s nursing career which started at a government hospital with a healthy salary became his inspiration.

2w ago

Uttara To Motijheel In 30 Minutes: Dhaka metro revolutionises commuting

Traffic war for us is a real deal; any trip to anywhere around the city be it in your own car, public bus, or CNG auto-rickshaw, was nothing less than a two-hour horror tale of heat, dust, sound pollution, suffocation, and tiredness.

2w ago

Katrina Wild’s exotic tea adventures

“One of the greatest things about being a vagabond is that when you do not have solid plans and are flexible like water, there is a lot of space for opportunities just knocking at your door. And now here I am in beautiful Bangladesh,” she said.

3w ago

A forgotten history: The Prince who dethroned Dhaka as a capital

His tenure in Bengal began in 1639, and a curious footnote would be that he actually stripped Dhaka of its status as a Mughal capital, shifting the seat of government to Rajmahal (a place now in India).

3w ago

Eco-chic experience at Ajo Idea Space, Gulshan

I was feeling a little down the other day and wanted to sit down somewhere quiet and serene to just switch off from the chaos and rejuvenate my mind. What my mood craved was not something Dhaka’s posh cafes would be able to offer.

4w ago

Lighting up Dhaka: The first electric lights in our city!

In the late 19th century, some of the streets had oil lamps, and there was also an announcement by Ahsanullah to introduce gas lamps. 

Farmgate Footbridge: Promoting pedestrian safety and urban mobility

In the bustling streets of Farmgate, pedestrians find themselves trapped in a relentless dance of dodging vehicles and the mere act of crossing a road can be a perilous adventure.

Tales of the Dhakeshwari temple: Mysteries, legends, and a city

The legend of unearthing the idol is traditionally ascribed to Ballal Sen, but it is doubtful whether this story talks of the renowned 12th-century king, Ballal Sen.

The plight of stray animals in Dhaka

Animal abuse, like all forms of abuse, cannot be tolerated. So, why do we routinely hear horror stories or watch videos of stray animals getting abused on the streets of Dhaka?

Remembering Marlon Brando’s Dhaka visit

Well, it’s a little late for that of course.