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Podcast / Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi ft. Mithila

Mithila drops by our studio to talk about her life, career and some burning issues that divide our nation.

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Podcast / Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi ft. Safa Kabir

Safa Kabir brightens up our studio with a candid conversation in our podcast.

Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi ft Shohel Mondol & Neelanjona Neela

Shohel Mondol and Neelanjona Neela drops by our new podcast to talk about their lives, careers and more

Mondera ready for silver screen

Mondera Chakroborty is yet to make her debut but the actress has already caught everyone's attention with her alluring persona. The actress is ready to step onto the silver screen as the gentle Kajol in Gias Uddin Selim's upcoming movie "Kajol Rekha"

Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi ft. Yash Rohan

Find out on the second episode of The Daily Star's podcast, A Peek Inside with Sadi!

Daraz presents A Peek Inside with Sadi - Pritom Hasan

Did you know that Pritom is an avid gym-goer? How does he handle social media critics? How does he conceptualize music in his own mind?

Moments from the country's premiere OTT event

The glamorous event featured spectacular performances by Khayam Sanu Sandhi and Masha, who mesmerized the audience with their enchanting voices. Tasnia Farin, Sohana Saba, and dancer Ridy Sheikh got everyone dancing to the rhythm of the music.

Xefer remastered

What made Xefer finally decide to change the look that arguably made her famous?

If I join Black, it will only be for the money: Jon Kabir

He was one of the undisputed kings of Bangla rock in the 2000's when he was the frontman for Black. When he left the band to make Indalo, he took on an entirely new genre of music. Having also left his mark on television as an actor, he is now knee-deep into the world of podcasts

‘My son is my first priority’

Anisur Rahman Milon has accomplished a remarkable milestone by becoming the first actor from Bangladesh to attain membership in the prestigious Hollywood artists' organisation, Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Jumping from billboards to OTT

From learning the basics of music, painting, and practising in theatre, Afia Tabassum Borno's passion for acting remained in her heart

Watch: How Safa Kabir evolved from ‘girl next door’ to multifaceted star

The gorgeous actor dropped by The Daily Star office to share her childhood dreams, projects, and more.

Tanzika Amin’s remarkable return

From the glimmering stages of the Lux Anandadhara Miss Photogenic contest in 2004 to the captivating world of web series, Tanzika Amin has graced the media industry for nearly two decades

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