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Business Multimedia

Potato price shoots up

The price of potatoes has begun an upward climb in the market

92 thousand crores or more siphoned out in 15 years?

Based on the compilation of media reports on bank scams between 2008 and 2023, CPD said as much as 92 thousand crores of taka have been siphoned out of the banking sector in the last fifteen years

Is Bangladesh going towards a deep economic crisis?

How can Bangladesh avoid the economic crisis to deepen further?

Who will benefit from WTO's duty benefit extension?

What are WTO’s duty-free benefits?

How can Bangladesh resolve economic, political problems?

Why is Bangladesh facing economic problems? Why did the country fail to follow the IMF's loan conditions? What are the remedies?

Where can the national debit card 'Taka Pay’ be found?

What can be done with the national debit card? Where can the ‘Taka Pay’ card be found? Will the card end the business of Mastercard and Visa in Bangladesh?

Khulna farmers prefer cultivating beans instead of shrimps

Shrimps were once widely cultivated in Dumuria upazila of Khulna. Now, farmers in this area are moving towards growing vegetables, especially beans. Vegetables from Dumuria are also exported to many countries in Europe

Fishes aplenty at Friday haat

A haat pops up every Friday along the Kaliakoir-Tangail road in Gazipur where buyers find almost all varieties of fish available in the country

What is digital bank?

How would it be if it was possible to get bank loan with just a few clicks on your mobile phone or can deposit money in or withdraw money from your bank account while sipping tea sitting on a roadside tea stall?

Bogra Motors manufactures, exports automobile filters 

There are 350 different types of filters made by Motors Bogra Pvt Ltd, from motorbike filters to car filters. These filters, produced in Bangladesh, are exported overseas as well as being used locally

Has the number of unemployed really decreased in the country?

The number of unemployed in the country has decreased. In other words, more people are involved in economic activities than ever before

Jon Haat: a place for hiring farm workers

The demand for day labourers is considerably high in Faridpur as farms in the major crop producing region require the assistance of seasonal workers whenever the harvest period comes around.

After ten years, how much did new banks contribute to economy?

Despite criticism from analysts and economists and initial objections from the central bank, the government licensed nine new banks in 2013. Some of the banks are currently doing well in terms of profitability. However, the non-performing loans of some of them are relatively high

Will Bangladesh benefit from trade in Indian rupee?

Will trade in rupee increase Bangladesh’s forex reserves?

Where did Tk 100 crore of 40,000 insurance clients go?

Around 4.2% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) comes from the insurance sector and it is 0.91% for Pakistan. But Bangladesh’s insurance sector contributes only 0.4% of the GDP. The Daily Star has come to know that two insurance companies are not settling Tk 100 crore of 40,000 clients despite the end of the maturity period years ago. Why are the companies failing to settle the claims? Will the policyholders get their money back?

Green chilli prices start to fall

The price of green chilli has decreased from Tk 200 to Tk 250 per kg in the span of one day. Green chilli is being sold at Tk 400 per kg in the capital's Karwan Bazar wholesale market and Tk 600 per kg in the retail market

Fish worth Tk 5 lakh sold on Jamuna river bank every morning

Watch Inside Bangladesh to learn more about this bustling fish market

Who benefits from bank directors’ tenure extension?

The directors of banks have been the main characters behind all the big banking scams unearthed in recent times in Bangladesh

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