Why the cuts in edu, health budget?

Will cuts in allocations to education and health sectors create an obstacle to becoming a developed country?

Can government implement this budget?

No budget in the last 14 years has been implemented fully

How is national budget made?

The Bangladesh government presents the national budget every June. The national budget for the fiscal year 2023-24 will be announced soon.

What are the conditions attached to IMF's $4.7b loan?

What prompted the Bangladesh government to seek a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and what conditions come with it?

Coffee cultivation shows promise in Ctg Hill Tracts

Coffee fruits or coffee beans are cultivated in the Khagrachari hills. Through a unique procedure, this fruit will be produced into drinkable coffee.

Bangladesh surpasses China in RMG export to EU

Bangladesh was second to China in the readymade garments export till the last decade.

Budget FY24: No hike in social safety net allowances

How will the government tackle the dollar crisis, the social safety net, and inflation in the upcoming budget? Planning Minister MA Mannan shares his insights with The Daily Star.

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How are the poor coping up with high commodity prices?

Inflation in Bangladesh remained high for the last one year. The consumer price index started increasing in 2022’s February and it reached a 10-year high of 9.52 per cent in the same year’s August. After August, both food and non-food inflation started decreasing, but in 2023’s February they rose again when the consumer price index increased to 8.78 per cent.

Green Tex: Eco-friendly garment factory in Mymensingh's Bhaluka

A unit of Green Textile Limited of Bangladesh topped the list of eco-friendly factories in February this year.

Why did Moody’s downgrade rating of Bangladesh’s banking sector?

How will banking sector's rating downgrade by Moody's affect Bangladesh economy?

Why are profits of every 7 out of 10 companies dropping?

In today's Straight from Star Newsroom, Khondoker Md Shoyeb along with The Daily Star Reporter Ahsan Habib tries to shed light on the reasons responsible for a fall in profits of Bangladeshi companies

Why is per capita debt rising?

The per capita foreign debt has increased from $257 to $558 within seven years

Why are garment orders getting cancelled?

Are RMG orders going to fall drastically?

Why is IMF loan so important now?

Bangladesh has been facing many economic challenges in the recent periods. Remittance and export earnings both fell at a time when the country’s import payments rose. The balance of payments came under immense pressure as the forex reserve continued declining for the last one year. Because of all these, the local currency has experienced a big depreciation. In this situation, Bangladesh sought a $4.5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund. Will this IMF loan solve Bangladesh’s economic problems? Why is this loan so important?

How to solve gas crisis

Gas crisis started in Bangladesh in March of 2022. But the crisis worsened in the last two months.

How was last week's stockmarket?

The prime index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange lost 14 points in the last week. The index rose in three days of the week, but it fell at the end of the week.