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A look back at the journey of SHOUT.

The End of SHOUT

This time next week, SHOUT will no longer be there, and I am not sure how to feel about it.

Au Revoir, SHOUT

Goodbyes have always left a sour taste in my mouth.

Of chaand raat and cadet college

Old friend, you will be kept alive in jotted snippets and paper clippings.


On this last issue of SHOUT, all that’s left to say is thank you, and goodbye.

The SHOUT bulb has gone out and the world feels dimmer

The mere idea that people are somehow emotionally attached to their jobs used to sound absurd to me. Yet, here I am.

I love* my job

Working at SHOUT has been one of the most transformative periods of my life.

The Last Few Fries

The place had no soul or spirit left, and it was evident in the colourless walls, the unclean glasses, the empty eyes of the server who left me a menu card.

Concert organisers need to do better

Managing sales and picking out the right venue is crucial if Dhaka is headed down the road of indoor concerts.

Love will live

Or will you bloom into a new life with me? 


“It was where people crafted stories, my boy!”


Even if the awareness is there, the action isn’t.

Surongo: Nisho’s perfect debut venture

Surongo stands out in its cinematography, colour grading, and set design.

How to take legal action if you're a victim of harassment

While taking legal action will not undo the harrowing experience, it can help to regain some control of the situation and attain a sense of justice.

The art of voicing opinions nobody asked for

We have devised a foolproof way you can share your unsolicited input with the world without any holdups.

Things to consider before you build your PC

Buying a PC is a long-term investment, given how expensive it can be.

Homesickness isn't just missing home

Sometimes, you don't miss much of home and instead, you hate the conditions of your new abode which makes you feel homesick.

No safe space for girls

What greases the wheels on this vicious cycle?

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