Opinion / Bangladesh on the renewable energy race track

A country’s energy mix may even one day override all other issues given the climate crisis we face.

2d ago

To cut CO2 emissions, let’s tackle over-production

We live in a world where approximately 9.2 percent of the global population lives on less than $2.15 per day according to figures from 2019.

3w ago

SBTi debate has major implications for RMG suppliers

The carbon offsetting schemes that have been discredited in the past could be improved

1m ago

How fashion is future-proofing by investing in technology

Are fashion brands becoming more than retailers of clothing?

1m ago

Five strategies for garment exporters to navigate geopolitical risks

Bangladeshi garment makers can mitigate risk in an uncertain world with foresight, resilience, and agility.

1m ago

EU supply chain law is both a threat and an opportunity

How will it impact Bangladesh’s garment manufacturers?

1m ago

We need to know more about Shein’s $9 jeans

First, is any of this even ethical? Second, how is Shein retailing clothing so cheaply?

2m ago

Time for fashion brands, retailers to rethink green strategies

Over the past two or three years, we have seen a huge backlash against sustainability marketing in the West.

2m ago

Sustainability must equal financial viability

What is more important: being a successful, financially viable business, or being a sustainable business?

3m ago

How garment manufacturers can cut costs

And while cost reduction is essential, it should not come at the expense of product quality.

5m ago

Five ways to raise garment worker wages

Advocacy efforts in Bangladesh have been part of the national dialogue centring wages for several decades.

7m ago

Why buyers shouldn’t worry about Bangladesh’s unrest

International buyers can rest assured they can place orders here with confidence.

8m ago

Fashion needs to support suppliers for green transition

If it’s left to garment suppliers, the green transition will take decades.

8m ago

Is carbon offsetting a good climate solution?

While carbon offsetting has gained momentum and support, it is not without its share of critics.

8m ago

Rich countries can gain a lot by helping Bangladesh

Climate change is worsening the situation and the financial and humanitarian costs brought by this calamity are racking up.

9m ago

Time to look into carbon capture and credit

Carbon capture and storage involves capturing CO2 emissions from industrial processes or power plants and storing them underground.

10m ago

Automation’s role in RMG production remains uncertain

There is no doubt that automation can be both a threat and an opportunity for our garment industry and its workers, depending on how it is implemented and managed.

11m ago

The circular economy requires nurturing

Governments have the power to promote and support textile recycling initiatives in several ways.

1y ago
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