How we can mitigate the effects of rising inequality

Economic inequality is the primary driver of civil unrest, with global, regional and national issues contributing to instability.

1m ago

Daniel Kahneman and his influence on our policymaking

One of my favourite economists, Daniel Kahneman passed away a few weeks ago, on March 27.

2m ago

How to reduce the employability skills gap / Why do university graduates remain unemployed?

The responsibility for the current employability skills gap in Bangladesh is shared by many parties, including students and the UGC.

4m ago

The strange economics behind Trump’s resurgence

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll shows Trump leading Biden by seven points.

5m ago

Could we (please) do better in controlling food prices?

There have been reports of increase in food prices in domestic markets during the post-election weeks

5m ago

What the economy may look like in 2024

The verdict so far is that the year will see slow GDP growth but also experience lower inflation.

6m ago

A first-person tribute to Dr Saleemul Huq / The environmental movement has lost a valiant advocate

For me, Saleem was an activist friend, a mentor, and a fellow traveller

8m ago

Claudia Goldin’s economics Nobel and the lessons for developing countries

A fundamental takeaway of Goldin’s work is that the source of the gender gap is not constant as a society transitions from one period of development to another.

8m ago

The Pope’s global warming challenge to world leaders

The Pope’s urging comes at an appropriate juncture in the now-flagging momentum of the global environmental movement

9m ago

Can BRICS de-dollarise the global financial system?

The Chinese yuan has become the most traded currency in Russia.

9m ago

Why did the World Bank and IMF come under fire from Guterres?

The UN Secretary-General appears frustrated for three reasons

1y ago

Why the FY23-24 budget will not curb the rate of inflation

Unfortunately, the budget will do nothing to ease the hardship and the budgetary crunch felt by the common man.

1y ago

A pioneer of modern economics who popularised ‘rational expectations’

A titan in the field of economics, Robert Emerson Lucas Jr (known to his devotees as “Bob”) passed away on May 15 in Chicago.

1y ago

The looming US default and some lessons

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen announced on May 1 that unless the US Congress raises the ceiling, the US government could run out of cash as early as June 1.

1y ago

The Fed faces an uphill task

The trade-off between a rate hike and a lower GDP growth rate is increasingly becoming fragile.

1y ago

AI will replenish, complement and enhance human intelligence

Students in higher education in the USA have been using software tools enhanced by AI for years.

1y ago

The enormous potential of AI cannot be dismissed

The advance of AI will be facilitated if governments and/or international organisations can create guidelines to address privacy, security, and equal access issues.

1y ago

How the poor dodge the pangs of hunger

The landless casual workers in rural areas and the urban poor face a bleak prospect.

1y ago
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