My powerless poster walk

Although we have the Graffiti Writing and Poster Sticking Control Act, 2012 to prevent visual pollution, nothing much has been done to implement it. Why, though?

5m ago

Opinion / Dissolve the people, elect a new one?

Politics 101 today runs the risk of being solely authored by autocrats from all over the world.

5m ago

Resolutions for 2024

Eating less and battling calories have been pains of the highest order. But little do we know that our minds have everything to do with our appetite.

6m ago

What do they want from Bangladesh?

Instead of better governance and practices yielding better returns, most US companies emphasise 'value' over 'values.'

6m ago

RMG Protests / A tale of the Green versus the Red

The RMG sector needs to be united in being professional, go forward with value addition and, most of all, opt for strong industrial relations with labour.

7m ago

Politics of Fire

Let the truth be known: no one has any idea what’s going to happen to Bangladeshi politics.

7m ago

Free pages, free lenses

There’s a reason why, in the land that we live on, 217 journalists have reportedly been harassed, tortured and repressed in the last nine months and why one even died.

8m ago

Life after #GotaGoHome

Among four South Asian nations, Sri Lanka performed the best in containing high inflation.

8m ago

“Book down,” indeed!

After all, with the atmosphere heating up, we will indeed need an army of well-built students to be ready as “kormis” of parties, in order to become our sacrificial goats at their altar.

9m ago

The art of breathing

How do the monks on ice live magically and produce wonders through detachment from worldly angst?

10m ago

Obituary of Truth

Truth recently decided to die an inglorious death as it got tired of watching rulers leading their nations with lies.

1y ago

Aabha Limited: The ray of inclusion and empowerment

How do the lives of the underserved women change and who can potentially come forward and become a part of their story?

1y ago

Ease, isolation and awakening

The apparent return to basics, the turn to healthier living, the leap to soliloquys have turned out to be beneficial. At least in theory, we all agree that the world needed a correction.

2y ago

Lessons, Reversals and Truth

We are living in a time of self-doubt, of suspicion, of negation, and of regret.

3y ago

Covid-19, Industry and Bureaucracy

When the sky isn’t looking clear anymore, to say you are watching the clouds go by with the hope of a better day is being cautiously optimistic.

3y ago

The disconnect between the industry and others

I took a break from writing columns ever since I took over as the President of the Bangladesh Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

3y ago

Indomitable spirit of private sector can help beat the odds

Over 8,000 km away, everything looks different. The skies, the sunrise, the people and of course, trade. In Paris, the three-day Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector,

4y ago

I called him Moi

I always need a clean sheet to write on. I always prefer the backside of a calendar month to detail projects.

4y ago
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