Paddy processing on busy roads poses risk

Farmers in different areas of Nazirur upazila are using the busy Pirojpur-Nazirpur-Gopalganj road for threshing and drying paddy and straw in the ongoing Boro harvesting season, disturbing vehicular movement and posing risk of accidents. 

1d ago

'Halt approval of Golden Rice, Bt Brinjal'

Letters were sent in this regard to key government officials highlighting concerns over the safety and benefits of genetically modified crops

1d ago

Wheat cultivation on the decline

Wheat production as well as its cultivation area in five northern districts of Rangpur region is seeing a significant decline over the past few years as farmers shifting to other crops for higher profits.

2d ago

Litchi price soars as yield dips

As litchi has started coming to the markets in Pabna, the price has soared following a poor yield this year due to the heatwave.

4d ago

Sitakunda’s litchi going to the UK, Maldives

The first consignments of 3,300 pieces of the juicy summer fruit were sent to both countries by local exporter SK International on May 17

5d ago

Country has no shortage of rice: Agri minister

Agriculture Minister M Abdus Shahid has said the country has no shortage of rice as its entire rice demand is now being met by internal production.

1w ago

Mango harvest season starts in Rajshahi

The mango season is upon the country as some farmers in Rajshahi have started harvesting the early varieties.

1w ago

A kg of beef for a maund of paddy!

Lack of monitoring, awareness deprives Gazipur farmers of fair price

1w ago

Govt launches food systems dashboard

Food ministry, BBS and GAIN worked together for it

2w ago

Lichi cultivation a success in Pirojpur

In the recent years, many farmers in Pirojpur district switched from paddy cultivation to growing different varieties of seasonal fruits.

2w ago

Boro Harvest in Rangpur Division: Farmers worry over fair price

With Boro paddy harvesting going on in full swing, farmers from eight districts under Rangpur division are now concerned whether they would get fair price for their produce so that they can recover their cost of production.

2w ago

Litchi farming bringing more profit to growers

Litchi farming in Pabna has flourished in the last few decades due to its luring profit.

2w ago

Climate Smart Gardening: A source of nutrition for many poor families

Marium Begum and her husband Abdul Barek have nothing else but only six decimals of land as their asset.

2w ago

Boro harvesting of haor areas almost done

4.38 lakh out of 4.53 lakh hectares have already been harvested

3w ago

Haor farmers advised to harvest rice quickly

The agriculture ministry has advised farmers in seven northeastern haor districts to harvest paddy that has reached 80 percent maturity to protect the crop from heavy rainfalls

4w ago

Boro Harvest: Good yields bring joy to haor farmers

Farmers in Sunamganj are passing busy days harvesting Boro paddy, which is their staple crop.

1m ago

There is a risk of heat shock in Boro paddy in Gazipur: agri officials

There is a risk of heat shock in Boro paddy in Gazipur as a severe heatwave has been sweeping over the country, agriculture officials said

1m ago

Ongoing heatwave raises concerns over Boro yield

The heatwave that has been sweeping across the country for over two weeks has raised concerns regarding agricultural production, particularly vegetables, mango and Boro paddy that are in the flowering and grain formation stages.

1m ago
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