Today's Gallery (2024.02.18)

Many old and rundown “baby taxis”, which were banned in Dhaka city in 2001, operate in the suburban and rural areas of the country. This recent photo shows the rickety vehicles in use at Ati Bazar of Keraniganj. Photo: Amran Hossain
Who said gone are the days of typewriters? For typist Md Bhutto, this manual machine still earns him Tk 7,000-8,000 per month as he moves from place to place and offers services to people who need a document typed quickly. Here, he is seen making use of his trusty typewriter in Jessore’s DC Court area recently. Typewriters were common in almost every workplace up to the 1980s, after which they were largely replaced by personal computers. However, they still remain common in some parts of the world and can even be sighted in some courtrooms across the country. PHOTO: HABIBUR RAHMAN
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