Today's Gallery (2024.02.02)

MONEY IN THE AIR ... A couple of oriental dollarbirds perched on a dead tree in Satchari National Park in Habiganj. This species of roller birds is found mainly in the regions of Asia, Australia and some islands in Oceania. Interestingly, these two are seen together because it’s breeding season. Otherwise, oriental dollarbirds prefer solitude. Found in many different ecosystem and habitat types, both natural and artificial, these birds are more prone to select open wooded areas, lowland forests, farmlands or even gardens and parks. The most striking feature of these birds is the white “dollar” circle on their under-wings, hence the name “dollarbird”. They feed mostly on flying insects, which they skillfully capture while in air, before returning to the same perch – mainly dead trees. Due to its vast range, the oriental dollarbird is listed as a “Least Concern” species in the IUCN Red List. PHOTO: Timu Hossain
Devotees heading towards the Biswa Ijtema ground on the banks of Turag in Tongi. The first phase of the congregation of the Muslims begins today and the second one will be from February 9-11. The photo was taken in Abdullahpur area yesterday afternoon. photo: rashed shumon
Visitors browsing books at a stall at the Amar Ekushey Boi Mela at the Suhrawardy Udyan after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the month-long fair yesterday. The Bangla Academy is organising the fair. Photo: Prabir Das
Pedestrians climb over steel fences on the central reservation of a road near the north gate of the Baitul Mukarram national mosque yesterday to go across, putting themselves and the other road users in harm’s way. A footbridge is only a few yards away. Photo: Amran Hossain
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