Medical breakthrough

Medical breakthrough

Vitamin C can succeed where anti-enzymes fail: Bijon Kumar Sil

Sil opined that an adult should take 250 to 400 milligrams of vitamin C and for ailing individuals, the amount should be as high as one to three grams per day

Experimental Alzheimer's drug hailed as breakthrough, side-effects in focus

An experimental Alzheimer's disease drug from Eisai (4523.T) and Biogen (BIIB.O) slowed cognitive decline in a closely watched trial but may carry a risk of dangerous side effects for certain patients, according to new data presented on Tuesday.

US woman becomes 3rd person cured of HIV

A US patient with leukaemia has become the first woman and the third person to date to be cured of HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant from a donor who was naturally resistant to the virus that causes Aids, researchers reported on Tuesday.

Man gets successful implant of pig heart in world’s first

US surgeons have successfully implanted a heart from a genetically modified pig in a human patient, a first of its kind procedure, the University of Maryland Medical School said Monday.

Pig kidney transplant in human successful in US

For the first time, a pig kidney has been transplanted into a human without triggering immediate rejection by the recipient's immune system, a potentially major advance that could eventually help alleviate a dire shortage of human organs for transplant.

No application submitted for OxyJet performance trial: DGDA

Directorate General of Drug Administration has said they received no application for approval of the performance trial of OxyJet CPAP, invented by a team of Biomedical Engineering Department at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet).

Artificial intelligence improves wrist fracture detection

Missed fractures are a common category of diagnostic errors and can cause malunion, osteonecrosis, and arthritis, with consequent

Paralysed patients able to walk following epidural stimulation

Two recent separate studies report successes with epidural electrical stimulation in helping paralysed patients regain the ability to walk.

Abused children carry the trauma in their cells: Study

Children subjected to abuse may carry the physical hallmark of that trauma in their cells, scientists say, in research that could help criminal investigations probing historic mistreatment.

WHO prequalifies breakthrough vaccine for typhoid

At the end of December 2017, World Health Organisation (WHO) prequalified the first conjugate vaccine for typhoid, Bharat Biotech’s

Non-smokers more attractive than smokers: Study

If you are a smoker then people will find you less attractive, that’s what a study says. Non-smokers are proved to be more attractive than smokers as proofs of negative impact of smoking on facial appearances, say researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

Fungus used in traditional medicine can fight cancer: Chinese researchers

Chinese scientists have found evidence that a fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine widely sought by the public for its healing powers, also carries anti-cancer benefits.

Bangladesh conjoined twin sisters Tofa, Tahura doing well

Tofa and Tahura, the 10-month-old babies from Gaibandha who were joined at the waist, are doing well after they were separated through a pioneering surgery in Bangladesh.

Keeping magnesium levels high reduces the risk of fractures

High levels of magnesium in the blood reduce the risk of fractures by 44 percent, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology. The study followed 2,245 men aged between 42 and 61 over a 20-year period.

1st Japan birth achieved via egg from unnamed donor

A woman unable to become pregnant with her own eggs due to illness has given birth to a baby conceived using a donated egg from an anonymous third party, a Kobe-based nonprofit organization that mediated between them announces.

[WATCH] Amazing facts about the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks

Here are some amazing facts about the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks.

Stents and surgery equally durable, safe to reduce stroke risk: Study

Study finds doctors can choose a treatment option between stents and surgery to reduce stroke risk based on ease, comfort and best fit for a patient's individual medical condition.

Excitement at new cancer treatment

A therapy that retrains the body's immune system to fight cancer has provoked excitement after more than 90% of terminally ill patients reportedly went into remission.

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