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Theatre & Arts

Art without limits: Bangladesh hosts inaugural International Disability Art Festival

The National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy buzzed with excitement as the inaugural International Disability Art Festival 2024 commenced today, marking a significant milestone in arts and inclusivity.

12h ago

The lesser-known facets of cinematic maestro Satyajit Ray

Born on May 2, 1921, Ray’s artistic journey began in the realm of commercial art before he became a filmmaker. His encounter with French filmmaker Jean Renoir and his experience with Vittorio De Sica's groundbreaking film “Bicycle Thieves” during a trip to London were pivotal, steering him toward independent filmmaking.

3d ago

International Disability Art Festival to kick off Friday

Yousuff elaborated on the festival's details, highlighting its significance in promoting inclusivity and providing a platform for artists with disabilities.

4d ago

Art exhibition / ‘Ami Ek Jajabor’: 50 years of Papa Nurunnahar Kazi’s artistic versatility 

Papa Nurunnahar Kazi, a name resonating with artistic versatility, celebrates 50 years of her creative journey with “Ami Ek Jajabor” (The Wanderer). Recently inaugurated at the Safiuddin Gallery in Dhanmondi, the exhibition showcases 57 captivating artworks, each reflecting Papa's diverse talents. From vibrant renditions of wildlife to thought-provoking political commentaries, Papa's oeuvre reflects a lifetime of exploration and innovation.

5d ago

Remembering Lucky Akhand: A musical maestro of Bangladesh

As we journey through his life and musical endeavours, we pay homage to the trailblazer who continues to inspire and resonate with audiences long after his departure seven years ago on this day in 2017.

5d ago

Bangladesh joins the prestigious Venice Int’l Art Biennale

The central theme of this year’s biennale is 'Foreigners Everywhere', providing a platform for global dialogue and artistic exploration.

6d ago

Dhruba Esh hospitalised, moved to ICU

Renowned book cover designer Dhruba Esh has been hospitalised due to a lung infection. He was admitted to Health and Hope Hospital in Panthapath this morning after experiencing breathing difficulties.

1w ago

Anti-war play ‘Tringsha Shatabdi’ returns to Dhaka this Saturday

Directed by Zahid Repon and originally written by Badal Sircar, the play is a powerful anti-war statement, reflecting on the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as other global conflicts, including those in Bangladesh, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, and Palestine.

1w ago

Sisimpur Bangladesh celebrates its 19th anniversary

The program, designed to promote learning among children at the pre-primary and primary levels in the areas of literacy, numeracy, health, nutrition, safety, environment, gender equity, social responsibility, mutual respect, and diversity, began its journey in 2005 with support from the American people through USAID.

1w ago

Mamunur Rashid’s play ‘Company’ to stage today

Mamunur Rashid himself is part of the cast of this theatrical play. The artiste stated that staging a play on Eid is a record-making event in the country.

2w ago

‘Alponay Boishakh 1431’ set to welcome Bengali New Year

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is hosting the annual ‘Alponay Boishakh’ from 2012 to 2019, organising a cherished Alpona drawing celebration at Manik Mia Avenue in the capital and different locations nationwide to welcome the Bangla New Year.

2w ago

Chhayanaut’s call to celebrate humanity this Bangla New Year

Since its inception in the 1960s as a form of resistance against Pakistani rule, Chhayanaut's New Year celebration at Ramna Batamul in Dhaka has become a hallmark event, marking the commencement of the Bangla New Year’s festivities.

2w ago

World Press Photo Foundation announces 2024 Asia regional winners

Drik Picture Library, in collaboration with World Press Photo, has announced the regional winners of the 2024 World Press Photo Contest for Asia. The announcement was made during a webinar earlier today, featuring ASM Rezaur Rahman, General Manager of Drik Picture Library, and Anna Lena Mehr, Contest Director of World Press Photo, alongside the winning photographers.

3w ago

Canadian Bangla Theatre Alliance celebrates World Theatre Day

Canadian Bangla Theatre Alliance has celebrated World Theatre Day with cultural programmes and soulful discussions.

3w ago

Nazir Hossain’s ‘Boishakh in the Land of Tiger’ roars to life at AFD

Each painting in the exhibition tells a unique story, inspired by folklore, mythology, and the artist’s own imagination. From lush forests teeming with wildlife to bustling village scenes and joyous Boishakh festivities, they offer a glimpse into a world of beauty, wonder, and timeless tradition. He employs a unique blend of folk motifs, indigenous symbols, and captivating fables, to weave a narrative enriched in cultural significance. Some paintings also have references to other art forms, like nakshi katha and rickshaw painting, to name a few.

3w ago

'Small Format' exhibition brings together contemporary art from 32 diverse artists 

The exhibition presents a selection of 142 artworks encompassing various mediums such as wood engraving, pen, lithograph, watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas and paper.

3w ago

N’oubliez pas Novera: Rediscovering the pioneer of Bangladesh’s modern sculpture

In August of 1960, on the ground floor of the Central Public Library building of the University of Dhaka, showcasing 75 of her artworks sculpted between 1956 and 1960, Novera Ahmed had her first solo exhibition titled “Inner Gaze." This formidable exhibition arguably sparked the genesis of modern sculpting practice in both West and then East Pakistan (now present-day Bangladesh). She was the first-ever sculptor from the undivided Pakistani region. 

3w ago

Mamunur Rashid’s new play ‘Company’ to mesmerise audience on Eid

The play is centred around a timeline of 1744-1757 when British imperialism began to spread around the globe, especially the Indian subcontinent, to consciously rule them.

4w ago
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