Amid to open for Adnan Sami in Vancouver

Bangladeshi singing artiste, Amid Hossain Chowdhury, who broke into the industry via “Bangladeshi Idol” is all set to perform during the opening act at a stage show in Vancouver, Canada. He is a part of a lineup that includes famed Indian singer and musician Adnan Sami.

1h ago

Madonna attracts 1.6 million to free concert at Brazil's Copacabana beach

More than a million people thronged Brazil's Copacabana beach for a free Madonna concert on Saturday, braving the heat to see the end of her "Celebration" world tour.

3h ago

Dhaka traffic inspired the music video: Kornia

Who would have thought someone could create a lively and colourful music video centered around Dhaka’s traffic jam? Singer Zakiya Sultana Kornia did just that with her latest track, “Dhaka Te Jam” — showcasing her charming dance moves and honeyed voice all whilst adding a vibrant energy to the entire production.

20h ago

Nick Jonas cancels upcoming shows due to Influenza A diagnosis

Nick Jonas disclosed in a recent video on Instagram that he has been diagnosed with Influenza A virus. Regrettably, his illness has compelled him to cancel his upcoming performances. The Jonas Brothers, comprising Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas, had plans to perform in Mexico this weekend, but due to Nick's health condition, the shows have been rescheduled.

23h ago

35th National Rabindra Sangeet Festival / National Rabindra Sangeet Festival to honour Kalim Sharafi and Sadi Mohammad this year

Two esteemed figures will be specially honoured during the festival and they are, Kalim Sharafi, marking his 100th birthday on May 8, and the late Sadi Mohammad.

1d ago

Joy Shahriar: A one-man artistic ecosystem

“I could have bought a very nice phone with the money I bought this guitar with,” said Joy Shahriar in The Daily Star’s canteen, proudly flaunting his baby Taylor guitar. “But I chose this expensive guitar. I don’t have unlimited funds, but I know my priorities.” In a way, this sums up the “Shotti Bolchi” singer’s entire career – a story of passion, strife, and street smarts.

1d ago

‘Ma Lo Ma’: Traditional folk meets modern beats in Coke Studio Bangla’s latest drop

"Ma Lo Ma" delves into the profound realisation that life's journey is akin to navigating through the dualities of adulting and nostalgia. It encapsulates the introspective query that often arises with age: "What am I doing here?" Yet, within this existential questioning lies the potential for a beautiful transformation—a self-acceptance that allows individuals to flourish even amidst life's most challenging seasons.

2d ago

There’s no alternative to practising in music: Beauty

Singer Beauty, who rose to nationwide fame with her soulful performances on “Close Up-1: Tomakei Khujchhey Bangladesh”, has marked a musical journey spanning over one and a half decades. Holding the endearing moniker ‘Lalankanya’ across the nation, she has graced stages at home and abroad, captivating audiences with her timeless melodies. Despite her illustrious career, Beauty's passion for music remains undiminished, as she continues to enchant listeners with her soul-stirring performances.

3d ago

Pioneering rock’n’roll guitarist Duane Eddy dies at 86

His legacy extends beyond his chart-topping success, as he inspired generations of musicians, from George Harrison to Bruce Springsteen, with his signature sound.

3d ago

Remembering Fakir Alamgir, the voice of the working class

Fakir Alamgir’s life embodies the spirit of May Day — representing both its struggles and triumphs. His lifelong dedication to the rights and welfare of the working class through his music marks him as a true champion of the labourers' cause.

4d ago

Eagerly waiting to hear his voice: Kumar Biswajit on Nibir’s health

"Looking at Nibir's expression, it seems like he recognises us, we can feel that. Sometimes he stares, and turns around. When we say, 'Baba and Maa is here’, he seems like he can understand and recognise us. We are eagerly waiting for the moment when he will call me ‘baba’ once again!”

4d ago

‘A Legacy of Maihar Senia Gharana’: Chhayanaut to celebrate musical heritage

Music aficionados in Dhaka are gearing up for a mesmerising evening as the "A Legacy of Maihar Senia Gharana" event is set to grace the stage at the Chhayanaut Cultural Centre.  Scheduled to take place from 4pm to 9pm on May 1, this musical evening promises to be an enchanting journey through the rich tradition of the Maihar Senia Gharana.

5d ago

Runa Laila to pay tribute to mothers on Mother's Day with new song

What's more noteworthy is that this iconic artiste has lent her voice to the song alongside young musician Khairul Wasi, a collaboration not commonly seen.

5d ago

Taylor Swift's new album dominates US sales and Billboard charts

Pop megastar Taylor Swift sold 2.61 million album and streaming units of "The Tortured Poets Department" (TTPD) during its first week of release in the US, Billboard reported on Sunday, calling it "a gigantic debut at No 1" on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

5d ago

BTS’ agency reminds of ‘zero-tolerance policy’ against rumour-mongers

BigHit Music, the management company for BTS, has updated fans regarding legal actions against infringements on the group's rights. Through a statement on Weverse, the agency expressed concern over the increased intensity of efforts to tarnish and slander the artistes in recent weeks. Additionally, it highlighted the excessive nature of malicious attempts to defame, humiliate, spread rumors, and disseminate groundless information about the artistes.

5d ago

Tahsan, Farin’s ‘Ronge Ronge’ tops YouTube trends in Bangladesh

The song "Ronge Ronge Rongin Hobo" received initial acclaim at the magazine event. Although Tahsan Khan is a seasoned musician, Tasnia Farin especially captivated the audience with her exceptional vocal talent — despite not being a professional singer.

5d ago

Asif Akbar shares experience of recording in AR Rahman’s studio

Popular musician Asif Akbar recently shared his delightful experience of recording a song at the studio of Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman. Taking to his Facebook account today, he expressed his excitement to fans while also voicing his disappointment with the current state of the audio industry in our country.

6d ago

Eminem teases new album ‘The Death of Slim Shady’

Titled “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)”, the rapper's camp confirmed the album's title late Thursday (April 25) to the Detroit Free Press. A playful 30-second ad aired on the NFL Network, hinting at the arrival of Eminem's 12th studio album this summer, marking his first release since 2020. 

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