Pursuing a career in UI and UX: What you should know

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are integral parts of the everyday applications and websites used globally, as they translate the core concept of a product into a functioning user-intuitive experience.

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A fresh graduate’s guide to entering and navigating the banking sector

Working at a bank can be a rewarding experience for many, offering a dynamic environment filled with opportunities for growth and professional development. At the same time, this line of work can get pretty challenging, especially for freshers.

The experience of starting your own coaching classes as a university student

Before coming into this sector, it is crucial to understand the differences between conducting private tuitions and managing an entire class.

Curating your LinkedIn profile as a university student

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and an impactful tool for those interested in professionally branding themselves. Many individuals take this self-branding approach when they graduate from university. However, given that it takes a lot of time to build a solid presence on this platform, it’d be in your best interest to start working on your LinkedIn profile from your early days at the university.

Early career job hopping: Why do fresh graduates do it and how is it perceived by employers?

Is early career job hopping a bad thing, and is it ever “too soon” to switch jobs?

What it takes to get into product management in Bangladesh

Product managers facilitate the research, drive the design and execution, and see through the launch of the product, while balancing both the business and user side of things.

How to communicate with clients online

One thing that many Bangladeshi freelancers struggle with is communicating with their clients.

Transitioning from Classroom to Workplace

The pursuit of a career is far removed from that of education.

How to become a police officer

This much sought after career requires a lot of hard work.

How to build a career in healthcare technology

Broad in nature yet with a common goal, the world of healthcare technology is involved in developing and making use of modern technological innovations to further the world of healthcare.

What you need to know about pursuing a career in animation

It’s no surprise that working in a medium that knows no creative bounds sounds like a fun and rewarding experience.

Exploring the growing field of data science

Are you cut out to be a data scientist?

Shaping a greener future: The rising influence of sustainability careers

As the effects of climate change, resource depletion, and social inequity become more severe, the demand for sustainability experts grows.

Pursuing a career in renewable energy

With the state of the climate crisis, renewable energy will be very important going forward.

Is MBA necessary after BBA?

It's the age old question, with quite a nuanced answer.

Why climate journalism is vital for Bangladesh

By delivering accurate and compelling narratives, climate journalists have the power to shape policy discussions.

The rise of AI and leveraging it for employability

Artificial intelligence has emerged as the harbinger of a new era.

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