Getting started with your first electronics project

you need to follow a clear plan to execute your vision

4d ago

The need for cybersecurity education in Bangladeshi universities

Institutions must equip students with skills to steer through the cyber world's complexities.

1m ago

Everything you need to know about capture the flag exercises

As data becomes the most valuable product in a growing tech-dependent world, data security concerns are on the rise.

2m ago

Becoming a game developer: What it takes and what obstacles await

Game development comes from a place of passion akin to art, and as artists, game developers should be more celebrated.

2m ago

From data to decisions

The growing hype around data analytics and what it takes to build a career in this field

3m ago

Professional networking for people who do not like university clubs

Sometimes, not bolting out of the classroom a millisecond after the professor dismisses you pays off.

4m ago

What it takes to get into product management in Bangladesh

Product managers facilitate the research, drive the design and execution, and see through the launch of the product, while balancing both the business and user side of things.

6m ago

What beginners should know about competitive programming

Competitive programming is a specific skill set similar to many other skill sets, and it is incorrect to assume that being an expert in it would automatically result in being an expert in other unrelated fields.

6m ago

Skills you need to build a successful career in tech

While technical skills are very important to have, you also need a few additional skills to help you hone them.

6m ago

The Case for Science Communication and Science Writing

Maintaining scientific communication through science writing seems to suffer from a lack of attention.

7m ago

Learning English: A guide that doesn’t involve books

Here’s a breakdown of a few other ways you can boost your English skills.

9m ago

5 YouTube channels to learn mobile app development

Check out these five well-curated YouTube channels that will help you build your first mobile application.

12m ago

6 of the best YouTube channels for learning web development

Six of the best YouTube channels to learn web development.

1y ago

7 YouTube channels for beginners to learn Python

Take your first step in learning Python today.

1y ago

I Can Speak 5 Languages. Here’s How You Can, Too.

Find a way that amuses you and your progress will feel natural.

2y ago

Software skills to boost your resume

Software skills that you could definitely benefit from.

6y ago

Top 5 Websites to Learn Programming Online

Here are the top 5 websites to learn programming online. 

8y ago
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