[WATCH] One woman’s initiative to feed thousands in Bangladesh

Nafisa Anjum Khan, in a CNG autorickshaw loaded with various foodstuffs and daily essentials, goes about the city looking for those who don't have food at home.

The people, especially from the middle-class, feel shame when asking for relief so they personally call Nafisa for discreet help. She is managing the entire operation alone, including shopping, packing, collecting, and disinfecting the various relief items from friends or relatives. However, members of low-income families, including CNG drivers, housewives, and students, have come forward to help Nafisa.

They receive calls on Nafisa's mobile phone, read text messages, keep track of who needs help the most, or how many people in an area need relief. In addition to Nafisa's own salary, help from family members, friends, and relatives, including present and former colleagues aid her in this noble effort. While many people have lost their jobs, Nafisa has remained by their side. 


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