Use of quality materials, compliance with building codes could ensure sustainable construction

Use of quality materials, compliance with building codes could ensure sustainable construction

The use of quality materials, appropriate site selection and compliance with the national building codes could ensure quality construction and sustainable buildings in Bangladesh, according to experts.

Bangladeshi architect bags prestigious International Baku Architecture Award

Bangladeshi architect bags prestigious International Baku Architecture Award

Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury, architect and Principal of URBANA, has received First prize in the International Baku Architecture Award in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. The award was given in the category of Best Implemented Project in the architecture of public buildings.

Behemoths and leviathans: The unexplored universe of Zaha Hadid
Life & Living

Behemoths and leviathans: The unexplored universe of Zaha Hadid

In the past two weeks, social media has made us privy to the mysterious, almost Martian charm of Zaha Hadid's larger-than-life legacy. It is a wonder how her vast body of work had been unknown to so many of us for so long.

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    The future of the living room

  • 4 ways for real estate agents to stand out among the crowd

    Bangladesh's major cities are getting jam-packed with people. While the demand for housing is high, buyers are much more conservative about taking such a huge purchase decision. It doesn't help real estate agents that the market is quite saturated with companies offering flats for sale. Best way to stand out is to have a good record of quality. But then you still need publicity. Here's four major ways for real estate agents to differentiate themselves and make a sale easier.

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    Avoid a pre-moving nightmare with these packing tips.

  • Brass knobs kill germs

    Copper-containing metals like brass have antibacterial properties—a selling point for brass doorknobs, sink handles, and other fixtures

  • 57 storeys built in 19 days

    Broad Sustainable Building, a Chinese construction company, is claiming to be the world's fastest builder after erecting a 57-storey skyscraper in 19 working days in central China.

  • How to make the most of tiny spaces

    You've just moved in to your new apartment. And even if it isn't the apartment you deserve, it's the apartment you can afford. You start unpacking when it finally hits you – there's barely enough space for the decades of junk you smugly accumulated back at your parents' ultra-luxurious 3000 square feet mini-mansion. Step up your home décor game with these 5 tricks that will make even the most petite rooms feel spacious.

  • Tallest, longest, largest

    Burj Khalifa, known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration, is a mega tall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the tallest artificial structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m. Year completed: 2010. Claim to Fame: Tallest structure in the world (about 2,700 feet)

  • 4 things to avoid if you want to sell/rent your home quickly

    1. Hiding obvious problems: Trying to cover up obvious problems like damp walls, improper electrical wiring or smelly sewage lines can be a costly mistake for the seller/landlord. While the risk of litigation is low in Bangladesh due to its complicated nature and people's reluctance to go through the lengthy process, a buyer or tenant could back out at the last minute leaving the home owner in a bind. The home owner might be willing to fix it AFTER the fact is known but that leaves a bad sense of mistrust especially when the home is being rented out.

  • Building Up Facts

    Did you know the roofs of the Sydney Opera House are covered in a total of 1056006 tiles? Also, when looking at the roofline, many people see either a school of sharks trying to surface or a bunch of mice swimming with their ears above the water.

  • Home Fest Dhaka 2015

    Windmill will be hosting a home décor expo in Bangladesh at the Bashundhara International Convention Centre. The event will take place on 6 and 7 November 2015.

  • Mono or Multi-coloured Walls

    If you are a soon-to-be home owner or on the verge of redoing the interior decor of your quarters and you are anything like me, then colours for your walls wouldn't come to your mind till the very last minute. It's probably because you, exactly like me, spent hours scouring the internet for furniture and tiles and drapes and rags. No worries; it's never too late. Just relax and go through the following tips and you will be fine:

  • Bti hosts programme on Earthquake and related facts Important for apartment living

    The main objective of the event was to create social awareness among the mass people on earthquake. Bangladesh is a country prone

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    You can add depth to flat surfaces by including contrasting diagonal stripes. How do you do that? Use masking tape to lay out lines that

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    Often while building the home of your dreams, you forget a few aspects that can create headache in the future. Therefore, apart from

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    Bti brings to Bangladesh an architectural masterpiece, which is a step towards the future. Designed by the famous architect Mustapha

  • Community Planning: Bijoy Rakeen City

    The uncontrolled growth of Dhaka City fuelled by over population has outstripped its ability to provide proper civic amenities and

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    With your desire comes the fundamental question - does owning a home or office make sense for your particular circumstances? The

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