Road to Elections 2023-24

Road to Elections 2023-24

Political parties need to behave more responsibly towards the electorate

The people have to be more alert, assertive, and vocal.

2w ago

One more vote, one vote fewer: Why people will and won't go to polls

The Daily Star asked two young voters to explain their decisions as the 12th parliamentary election rolls out.

2w ago

What's the civil society's stake in strengthening democracy?

Our civil society leaders must step forward to address the prevailing political impasse in the country.

2w ago

The price we pay with each deleted word

With each new term of the ruling regime, and each new provision or law, we have learnt a bit more of self-censorship.

2w ago

The AL cannot validate this farce of an election with intimidation

Since voters are reluctant to take part in this election, the ruling party has resorted to such measures.

2w ago

‘All that matters to AL is acquiring power.’

This election will push the whole country towards further uncertainty and close the door to constructive politics in Bangladesh.

2w ago

A ‘dummy-cratic’ election in democratic Bangladesh?

After the election is over, the meaning of democracy will change to mean coercion.

2w ago

‘Even before the election, there is no question as to who the elected will be.’

By now, it is clear that the election this time around will be a one-sided affair.

2w ago

‘I see no reason to call this an election.’

We already know that only a small group of experts will observe the election and that most major countries will not send their observers.

2w ago

‘Why would Awami League need to resort to rigging in this scenario?’

Awami League has no incentive to rig the election, and doubting this suggests a lack of rationality.

2w ago

Can BNP survive the pre-election meltdown?

BNP's retreat to the back foot amid mass arrests and convictions was as remarkable as it was rapid.

2w ago

What comes after January 7?

If AL’s victory in the 2014 election was a hollow one, the 2024 victory in the making is nothing short of a Pyrrhic one—a victory which inflicts so much damage that it cannot be considered worthwhile.

2w ago

A Potemkin election in Bangladesh?

An election without any competition will not be acceptable at home or abroad.

When the ruling party does the opposition's work

It is the EC’s role to ensure a congenial atmosphere for people to cast their votes freely.

Turn candidates' halafnama into amalnama

It is heartening to see that the media has been preparing statements based on the information in affidavits submitted by the candidates who are running for parliament.

Of the AL, for the AL, and by the AL

AL-nominated and AL independent candidates will have enough AL supporters to represent a decent voter turnout.

Politicians’ wealth surge and why nations fail

The unbridled rise of moral hazards that engulf a nation and force it onto the path which leads to all areas becoming massively politicised, resulting in the youth being eager to become politicians for the wrong reasons.

The facade of a competitive election

The ruling Awami League is desperately trying to showcase the polls as inclusive and competitive.

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