Today's Gallery (2024.05.24)

To get somewhat relief amid the scorching heat in the morning, this girl brings a portable fan with her on the rickshaw ride to school. The photo was taken in front of Holy Cross Girls High School yesterday. Photo: Prabir Das
FIDDLERS BY THE SEA: A male fiddler crab flaunting his most prized possession – his one big claw – as he wanders a beach in Teknaf. Found in mangroves, salt marshes and sandy beaches in many regions, including the Indo-Pacific, the fiddler crab is one of the over 100 species that live can both on land and in the sea. Only the males have the one big claw, which they use to woo the females and fight off other dominant males. In fact, the big claw can be regenerated if they are lost in battle. The females select their male mates according to the size of the big claw and how well they use it. The males use the small claw for feeding and the movement of the smaller claw from the ground to the mouth looks as if the animal were playing the larger claw like a fiddle, thus the name. Photo: timu hossain
If you observe closely, you will see a demarcation pillar set up by Bangladesh Inland Water Transportation Authority, which clearly states the place is part of the Turag river. However, there is no sign of water as an illegal establishment, fenced off with barbed wires, has encroached upon the river land. The photo was taken in Gabtoli area of Mirpur yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Tired Dolena Begum, extreme right, a 60-year-old cancer patient from Kishoreganj, sits on the floor of the National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital in the capital’s Mohakhali after standing in a queue for two hours. Like her, many others have placed files, shopping bags, and water bottles to mark their spots in the queues. The queues are for chemotherapy and its tokens. The counter opens at 8:00am but patients start queuing up hours before. The photo was taken on Tuesday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
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