Today's Gallery (2024.03.29)

LIGHTING UP THE SEA: A mauve stinger lights up the Bay of Bengal in Saint Martin’s Island. Just as this underwater photographer was wrapping up his work for the night, he could not but get hypnotised by the bioluminescent creature floating in front of him. It was a stroke of luck as this flashing glow doesn’t last long. Like most bioluminescent creatures, this jellyfish also lights up to deter predators. Its formal name “Pelagia noctiluca” literally means “night light” in German because of its ability. Found worldwide in tropical and temperate seas, this is the most studied species of jellyfish as its glowing mucous is believed to contain useful proteins. A mauve jellyfish, covered in stingers, can pack quite the punch in its sting, which, however, is not life threatening. PHOTO: SHARIF SARWAR
Nearly three months have passed in the current academic year, but many schoolchildren are yet to have their free textbooks. Some students are seen carrying books to their schools in Dhaka’s Rayer Bazar area yesterday. An official said distribution of free textbooks among underprivileged children under the non-formal education programme was delayed due to late printing. Photo: Rashed Shumon
The Ecnec-approved government housing project for cleaners in the capital’s Gabtoli still remains incomplete. The DNCC mayor in 2019 had announced that it would be completed by 2021. However, it was delayed due to a lack of funds while an extension remains yet to be approved by the Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase. With 90 percent of the work already done, it is now expected to be completed in 2025. Four 15-storey residential buildings and a four-storey school building were promised for 784 cleaners, who currently live in small shanties that can be seen just a few feet away from the Tk 284 crore housing project. PHOTO: RASHED SHUMON
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