Today's Gallery (2024.02.23)

A WINGED VISITOR … A butterfly rests on the head of an oriental garden lizard, otherwise known as a “bloodsucker”, spotted in Beel Pabla of Khulna’s Dumuria upazila. Despite the threatening name, these changeable lizards are quite timid and shy in nature. The reason for the name, however, is due to the males turning red near the throat during the breeding season in order to attract mates. Though these insectivores are found in a wide range of habitats as they adapt well with humans, these prefer to spend most of their time in low shrubs and tree trunks to stay unnoticed. On hot days, they may come out of hiding to bask in the sun with their mouths wide open, while after rain, they sometimes come down to the ground for food such as larva or small insects that have fallen from trees. PHOTO: HABIBUR RAHMAN
RECIPE FOR DISASTER: Caught in the sudden downpour yesterday afternoon, several bikers take shelter under the metro rail viaducts on Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue. However, it is dangerous to stop on the fast lane, more so on wet roads, as it significantly increases the chance of accidents.Photo: Prabir Das
Pedestrians are sure to be perplexed when they want to use the zebra crossing near Dhanmondi Road 27 on Satmasjid Road and realise they have no way to cross the street. The zebra crossing leads to the central median which has a steel fence. Photo: Prabir Das
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