Today's Gallery (2024.02.21)

Shaheed minar grounds around the country being decorated with colourful motifs as a tribute to language martyrs on the occasion of International Mother Language Day. The photos were taken yesterday in Barishal and Dhaka cities. Photo: Titu Das, Amran Hossain
Photo: Titu Das, Amran Hossain
A woman bargaining with a florist over a bouquet near Shahbagh intersection yesterday evening. People from all walks of life will pay homage to the language martyrs at the Central Shaheed Minar today, marking International Mother Language Day. Photo: Prabir Das
As the sun, no longer trapped in fog, shines brighter, mango flowers bloom in joy, announcing the arrival of the much-loved summer fruit. The photo was taken in Khulna city’s Khalishpur area yesterday. Photo: Habibur Rahman
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