Today's Gallery (2024.02.01)

THE COST OF COLOUR … Chemical dyes being released into the Buriganga, a river already choking on pollution from various factories in the capital’s Shyampur area. According to studies, at least 200 tonnes of water is used for dyeing a tonne of fabric in the textile industry. The wastewater from these factories contains residual dyes and chemicals that are highly hazardous for both humans and aquatic life. The photo was taken recently. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN
Nasir, 27, had no other means of earning other than his beloved fuchka cart. He had borrowed Tk 20,000 to set it up near the National Museum in the capital. However, as these carts are illegal, a DSCC mobile court yesterday conducted a raid in the area. As Nasir tried to leave with his belongings, the team followed him to Aziz Supermarket area, where this photograph was taken, and demolished his cart. Broken down completely, Nasir now does not know how he will repay his loans. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS
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